Alright! When CA Met Engineer Again ft. Kumar Varun, Raunak Ramteke

Alright! When CA Met Engineer Again ft. Kumar Varun, Raunak Ramteke

Guys… Please Subscribe to Alright Guys, if you want to be successful in your corporate life then don’t fear to fall in someone else’s arms Ha, Ha, Ha You have to trust each other! Everyone fall… and trust someone to catch you Okay? start now! Okay! Okay! My turn! My turn! I saved you else you would have hit your back hard Joking! Joking! Rohan..come! He is Samay.. Our star product engineer and.. Samay, This is Rohan Our CA Guys.. Welcome, Rohan! Are you sure? Dude.. Yes!! Keep in mind, One day our company will be under Fortune 500 brother We have product.. we have idea, business model and everything What we don’t have are funds! What kind of a CA am I ? I’ll get you funds in few clicks from my contacts sure? yes!yes! What is my name? Rohan Dude! CA Rohan! Yes Sir? Rate list of every product, all the previous bills and invoices, get me these sure Sir! wait.. wait… where are you going? come back! Sir have joined company At least ask for joining party! Sir will offer you expensive scotch… will offer you good food At least ask Sir, I will drink scotch tomorrow Today, I have to meet Sanya see.. She is sending me long messages of two paragraphs I don’t know why she is upset? Definitely, You too must have given her fake promises fake commitments No, no Sir I love her! selflessly This evening, take Shanya for the ice cream Everything will be fine Not Shanya Sir, Sanya! whatever.. Hmm… Ice Cream.. I didn’t know that a product engineering company require a CA Of course, it requires CA is the one who directly and indirectly save taxes right! You are the one who does all the work. We guys here all day peal pears right? Why are you upset? Why am I upset? You don’t remember? Oh Yes! How will you remember? You have short term memory loss I forgot.. My bad! Sir, my life was messed up! Parents were forcing me to do family business My GF was marrying some one else Between all this how could I… have said yes for startup So what happened? Did marriage stop? Neither marriage stopped… nor she! You should have said for once we could find some solution Look… The guy she is marrying he is also an Engineer **** I have started hating engineer community now First you take away field jobs from other people And now you are taking away their GF’s also! Dude! The other person must be more deserving than you That’s why she left you! Understand you….. leave! Then why didn’t you opted for startup? We didn’t meet regularly.. so no more enthusiasm? Or the entrepreneur spirit of this engineer is dead now? No, it’s not dead.. and I will do startup But last time I trusted wrong people This was my mistake! Actually.. my friends say it right You commerce people are selfish You don’t indirectly demean me by calling me mean I’m not indirectly but directly calling you mean Just like unseen my texts after seeing them Angel investor of funding Rohan Sir.. Yes? Listen.. be my white club I will give two men who will work under you You just have to give 10,000 5,000 directly into your account One min.. Are you investing in any Pyramid scheme? two under one, four under two… Multiple marketing company, right? Yes! They have really good returns Why are you laughing? It’s chit funding! People will run away after taking your money How can this be possible? If yes then what will you do? Look.. For extra income don’t get into wrong things okay.. invest at right place And if you really want to invest then invest in UPWARDLY mutual funds Best SIP plan, best tax and mutual funds are here That too zero charges, zero fees… Are you also investing in this? Obviously! Plus… They also give you personal wealth advisor That too absolutely free! This is so great! You are genius Rohan Sir… You are the best Guys please come in the area fast fast everyone… come!come!come! cmmon!cmmon!cmmon! Okay.. so everyone is here? So guys.. We have killed this quarter! And the credit goes to you and your hard work! and special mention to Samay… our smartest employee this calls for a party!!! It’s quiet loud downstairs…right? That day.. I think, I quiet….. overreacted It’s okay but, congrats for today dude! congrats for what? because of this, I am unable to start my startup why so? I feel this ***** life is like an equation of chemistry it needs stability Whether is professional financial personal It all needs to be stable Dude.. We were taught in CA that stability is good for financial development dude.. there is huge difference between theory and reality Look at me! after doing engineering I realized, that I never wanted to be an engineer But now how can I do something else? Whenever I think of something else I get a flash of my father’s face That father who broke his FD’s , spent 12 lacs to make me an engineer People after doing engineering are becoming youtubers and stand up comedians You still wish to do a start up at least try Maybe you will get happiness try? Dude! Daily I stay in this office from 10 am to 10 pm. and in weekend when the whole office is partying I go home and log in from office laptop and then design products my personal and professional life is all messed up your professional life is all sorted dude.. people come and say to you most valuable employee of the company! because of this stupid line I am unable to collect the courage to quit my job what do you think, I like doing this job? I like coming to office? No dude! Come and look at my drafts I have kept my resignation mail all prepared that when will the moment come and I’ll send it But I couldn’t send it Because who will pay the loan? Why do we work, tell me? what do we get for that? In the name of salary they transfer joke in our accounts and to hide these jokes they give us lollipops, take this most valuable employee take this, you go go abroad go off site take this on the spot award and what they want to hide with this? that this World doesn’t get to know that an underpaid employee is over achieving but bro, everyone knows the truth! and the truth is.. that.. that by doing your own work by doing your own start up.. the happiness one can get.. you can not get that same happiness by working in some other company there’s still time your idea, your product, everything is okay! give it a try It will all be fine you seriously feel this? yes! do you believe in this? yes! will it be a hit? yes, it will be Then why don’t you come with me…. leave this good salary.. work with me..We will do our start up together good salary? All that a CA deserve… they don’t even pay me 30% of it Bro.. what do they know about my hard work during Article ship No wonder how many levels I have cleared in CPT, IPCC and CA FINAL but they don’t have any respect for talent that’s the thing bro.. People who are working for someone else don’t get fun.. the one who wants to do start up, doesn’t have funds By the way…. If you need some initial funds for your start up.. then tell me I did some savings on Upwardly by investing in correct mutual funds but yes.. in that case, I will not be the MD of that company **** Are you seriously going to join with me or you are just blabbering in hangover? I am serious bro.. what do you think? only you saved resignation letter in your drafts? Dude.. If we both will leave this company, then our boss will be of no where…. Why are you smiling so much? Because I am doing investment you guys should also do Samay Sir, Rohan Sir…try it out.. it’s very nice I was the one who told you about this… Guys if you also want to wisely invest Then Upwardly is best for mutual funds and download the app from the link in the description below and guess what… 20 of the lucky down loaders will free Alright t shirts And do Like, Share, Comment.. and Subscribe and… BE ALRIGHT!

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