Alison Brie Broke Things at Donald Glover’s Apartment

Alison Brie Broke Things at Donald Glover’s Apartment

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  1. she just sexually assaulted James….

  2. annie's boobs.. that is all..

  3. I do the same thing when my yard guys are here. 😂😂😂😂 First time hearing of her. Very funny.

  4. She brittad that party

  5. she's lightyears out of james' league omg

  6. why does she keep touching james corden? i wouldn't be able to stay focused if I was him lol

  7. It's weird, even though she's touching other men like that, she doesn't come off as someone who would cheat. Dave Franco definitely comes off as the jealous type though

  8. 1:04 Allison Brie’s #metoo moment. Corden’s a lucky bastard 😒

  9. She must have tried that stunt after she started working on GLOW.

  10. I could hear Glover saying that cause it’s similar to his line from Spider-Man 😂

  11. If a man had touched a woman the way she touched James, and she complained about it, it would be another #metoo uproar to have his career destroyed and equate him as a serial rapist.

  12. "What did you think was going to happen?" lol. I can totally imagine Donald Glover asking that question with one of his trademark facial expressions.

  13. I'm glad famous people are just as crazy as us

  14. I heard that Donald Glover conversation in his voice.

  15. I miss community ….

  16. the looks like riley reid the porn star. not bad

  17. BoJack is really about a Glow-ing Community of Mad Men.

  18. I totally heard that in Donald's voice.. 'xD

  19. She lowkey look like Angela White.

  20. did she ask to touch James Corden's leg?

  21. Lemme break you off something

  22. I used to think she was hot but now, sadly, just another spoiled rich girl.

  23. Now that is a funny threesome–Alison, Keegan and James!! How would you like like to hang out and have a drink with That trio! Oh and Alison i adore on so many levels hubba hubba!!

  24. What a beautiful woman…. !!

  25. Honestly I just like story's that mention Donald and Dani I just need more Troy and abed in my life

  26. Dammit, she broke the limited edition Dark Knight dvd with exclusive commentary by Christian Bale

  27. She's married to a Franco? 😲😬

  28. can you imagine having neighbors who are remodelling for that long ?

  29. Key, Brie and James… A tri I'd watch anyday!

  30. I wanna be James' left knee so bad right now.

  31. She ran through a window screaming "everyone's a robot."

  32. Why m i hearing Diane Nguyen.

  33. Okay but I’m pretty sure the contractors have watched this by now…

  34. Damn you Dave Franco!

  35. Does this mean that she's not close to Donald anymore?

  36. Alison is very touchy feely with Mr. Corden.

  37. Best actress ever, he's receives a good acting on Netflix's GLOW

  38. Alison Brie is a perfect 10 – the piercing blue eyes, the flowing dark locks, and the cutest face. David Franco is so lucky

  39. Hi I'm Shelly Long, I played that part in "Money Pit"

  40. Unikitty Voice 😂😂

  41. All i am listening is DIANE!!!

  42. Alison Brie is so impossibly beautiful it hurts

  43. she still went to his parties we all know they are all a tight family. i miss them all so much together

  44. I miss Community 🙁

  45. Do y'all think Donald Glover still talks to the Community cast now

  46. i can't unhear diane nguyen

  47. She said Danny not Donald so who said it?

  48. Just finished binge watching community in hulu.. I regret I didn't watch this before it was cancelled

  49. Did she have a bet or something on how much time she could have her hand on James's knee?

  50. So unikitty is married to lloyd garmadon.

  51. Alison is like Sarah Winchester lol

  52. Some people are just touchy, deal with it

  53. Bad Princess Unikitty…always breaking things.

  54. Stop touching my knee weird bitch

  55. I feel like Keegan always tries so hard to be Will Smith.

  56. I hate Dave Franco for marrying my future wife

  57. She broke the Dark Knight DVD with extended commentary

  58. wow what a natural segue, totally not scripted

  59. 1:31 She sounds like Unikitty.

  60. Troy, Abed and Annie in the morning!

  61. I just found out Dave Franco is married! Him and Alison are hilarious!

  62. “Bwain hurty understandy chwistmas” we love you Annie ❤️

  63. If I close my eyes I can hear Diane in an alternative universe of Bojack Horseman

  64. No Community movie unless Alison Brie and Donald Glover are in it


  66. Donald and Danny in the morning….nights…

  67. James is definitely thinking… oh dear, please stop gently touching my thigh you creep…

  68. She's a terrific actor, a very sexy model, and in real life a cute goofball!

  69. Boo pee doop pee doop "SEX"

  70. The way she kept touching James's knee and arm… I HATE when people do that. Ew.

  71. That knee touching is sexual harassment. Hope she never works ever again for how she made Corden feel. Even if it takes him 10-15 years to come out and tell everyone. Guilty until proven innocent.

  72. i wish i was that knee

  73. 2 years for half a remodeling, just tear down the house and build a new one, it will take less time, way way way less time, and probably cost less.

  74. Explains why she’s never had a guest spot on Atlanta

  75. She is so damn beautiful!! Love Allison Brie!!!

  76. She looks and sound like a better version of ana kasparian

  77. Did they get the inspiration that harmonless season for Annie to run through a glass window because of this story? :O

  78. OH, ANNIE!!!!!! 😖😖😖🥺🥺🥺

  79. honestly at the way she jumped through the sliding glass door in high school when troy got all of the awards, this is no surprise.

  80. I love Alison Bree but I hate James Cordon, so this was a tough watch for me.

  81. she would be the most annoying friend to have in a group

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