Alice Is NO ANGEL! | Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3

Alice Is NO ANGEL! | Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3

MatPatt: Oh, hey, Bendy Steph: What??? MatPat: She’s quite a gal. Steph: Alice angel! ( in “Alice Angel” voice) MatPat: *laughing* Maybe- Maybe they should have cast you, Steph. Steph: It’s gonna be…it’s. Steph: I’m telling you the Midwestern accent really adds that air of mystery. Steph: It’s okay. I come from the land of the Southern accents, that’s…that doesn’t do it either. ( Alice Angel theme song is played, accompanied random buzzing sounds and flashing lights. ) Steph: What’s going on? MatPat: What’s that? Steph: Is that a sound in the background? Steph: It sounds like someone saying something, but I can’t understand it. MatPat: I just want to dance the night away. ( More cartoony singing ) Steph: Yeah, it’s her theme song ( Bang ) (Game makes a booming sound. Steph screams) Steph: Ahhh! Oh God! MatPat: My god, holy balls! What is that? ( Alice laughing ) MatPat: Is that her? Steph: She wasn’t as cutesy as I expected. (T▽T) MatPat: Is that her??? Steph: Thought she would be more fun. ( Intro sequence plays ) Both(singing): Bendy, shake me anyway, you want me! Steph(singing): we should have…picked the same note to start on (Matty Patt sounding like a canadian voice actor on drugs imitating edward kenway on a caffeine freeze) MatPat: Welcome to GTLive!!! HEYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph: Whoa. That was a uh…what was his name? Howard Dean? that was a… ( MatPat laughing ) Mat: WOW. What is that? A 2012??? Presidential debate…? Steph: HEYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MatPat: No, that’s even earlier than 2012. Steph: I think that was 20…2008, right ( both “HEYAHHING” ) MatPat: That’s an old political reference there for you guys… MatPat: Hey! So, today is a very special day. Steph: Is it? Mat: Very special day. Steph: Tell me why!….I don’t actually know….That was a legitimate question Mat: Really was that a Legitimate question??? We’ve been talking about it all this week. Steph: Oh, is it the game we’re playing? MatPat: It is. ( weird agreeing mumbling ) Steph: Carry on! ( MatPat laughing ) MatPat: Chapter 3 of Bendy and ink machine just came out literally today. LITERALLY today! MatPat: And that’s the cool thing about having a live stream that you do on a fairly regular basis is you get to play games, THE DAY they come out. Steph: That’s awesome. And so I’m really excited because you know it’s a game that we’ve done a theory about… It’s one that you guys keep asking for more theories about, It’s one that has a cool aesthetic It has all this mysterious lore hidden in it, And I’m hoping that a chapter 3 Just kind of I don’t know Exposes us to new bits of lore in this world and gives us a little bit more meat… Steph: More theory fodder Mat: Some meat on the theory bone Steph: Oh! Mat: As you were Steph : Oh… So that there’s meat on the the sandwich of the theory. It’s not just a bread sandwich Yes (Steph singing) Bendy… Can’t you see? I am in misery Mat: Right. Steph: Probably cuz he killed us… Mat: Boris has left us. So Boris rescued us pretty much at the end of the last chapter Steph: True Nope, probably there are like two of these, that’s pretty fun. Steph: Yeah Mat: Oh hey, Boris! Mat: Hello, Boris. Steph: (low voice) Boris! Mat: (deeper voice) Boris! (manly gurgle) Steph: Aw, look at his little banjo. Thank goodness you have a spare pair of pants, my friend I was worried about you Mat: Can I talk to you? Boris: Have you seen that lever around? Or are you holding it hostage until I give you something to eat? I thought so. Let’s see what we’ve got. Mat: Apparently I’ve gotten really good at reading. Steph: We got some bacon soup Mat: Fine soup. I already that! Nailed it. I got soup for you, Buddy. It’s Campbell’s. Campbell’s select. Mat: Mmmm! Steph: It’s just smoking. Steph: Thanks, uh, thanks tortoise of tortoise and the hare. MatPat: Oh. Steph: Whoa whoa? Steph: Did you just smack him in the face of the bowl of soup!? MatPat: No I gave him the soup and he just- Steph: And you were like, “ssssOUP!” MatPat: -And Boris is like, BAHH He’s like Gordon Ramsay of, like, the cartoon culinary world. Shawn Flynn: I don’t be seein’ what the big deal is. So WHAT if I went and painted some of those Bendy- MatPat: That’s totally Jacksepticeye, right? Shawn: -dolls with a crooked smile? That’s sure no reason for Mr. Drew to be flyin’- // Steph: Y-yes..! Jackaboi: -off the handle at me. And if he really wants to be so helpful he could be tellin’ me what I’m to be doin’ with this warehouse I’ve got full of that angel whatchamacallit. // MatPat: That’s so Jack! Shawn Flynn: Not a scrap of that mess be a-sellin’! Steph: That’s awesome! That’s so cool!// Mat: I’m so jealous.. That’s awesome! // Shawn: Probably have to melt it all down to be rid of it all.. Steph: What’s going on? // Mat: What’s that? Steph: That sound in the background? It sounds like someone’s saying something, but I can’t understand it. *Incoherent Alice singing* MatPat, copying Alice: I just wanna dance the night away. Steph: Yeah, it’s her theme song. Mat and Steph: Oh *Screams* Steph: Oh my God! Mat: HOLY BALLS?! What is that!? Is that her? Steph: She wasn’t as cutesy as I expected. Mat: Is that HER?? Steph: I thought she would be more fun. // Mat, laughing: HO-OH MY GOD! Mat: Oh no! (Alice) A new fly in my endless web… Steph: I thought she was supposed to be a good guy. Mat: Apparently your merch wasn’t sellin’ that hot, so… Steph: *Groan* I would be mad about that, too. Mat: Right? // Steph: That’s okay. Steph: I understan- // May: BUY MORE MERCH! Mat: Maybe if you had offered a Fidget Spinner, there Alice. Both: Ooh.. Matpat: To the demon or to the angel? Mat:I wanna goooooooo.. // Steph: Whaaat? Mat: I feel like most people would choose angel and I feel that that’s the way they want you to go, so I’m gonna go demon. Steph: How dare you play the game the way that was intended!? // Mat: Ooh, wait- Did it lock on me? Mat: Is this like a- OH. It does. // Steph: *gasp* Mat: Um, is there, like, multiple pathways!? *maybe irritated boi.. can’t tell he’s too happy* // S: Oh noo.. Wait. Mat: Is there multiple pathways to this? No wayy.. *glOOPglO p* // S: Are there are there key dis- do we know if they’re, like, actual key decision points? M: Oh, maybe it’s Bendy now have, like, multiple.. paths and stuff? (le squeak) How cool is this!? // S: Uh oh. M: Oh, look. You have these, kinda like, these writing pads ‘n stuff. // S: Oh no. S: Did we just give ourselves the bad ending by choosing the devil, or whatever? M: It’s gonna be the better ending, Stephanie. Bendy in the Butcher Gang. // S: Ooh.. So we got a Sailor- // S: Does he help them, or defeat them? M: Right? A Sailor, uh- S: I have a feeling we might get familiar with them soon. Don’t worry about it. (What was that Stephanie?) (You can barely hear their screams over fans’ sarcastic tutting) S: Ahaha. Okay, I just wha- I just didn’t see you coming you have to smack him. You have to smack him. S: There you go. He just swung. There you go. // M: yEAH. Uh. Yeah! UH! What are you? What arE YOU SUPPo SED TO bE? S: Hoo. // M: …YEAH! S: Boom! // M: UHH UHH! (wtf u into this?) S: Didn’t even faze us. // M: Lookit that. That-That’s a good jumpscare. *signature laugh* That was good. Ooh. Oh wait, there she is. // S: *gaspsez* WhAT? M: I’m ready. (You sure?) I-I’m waitin’. So she’s got, like, a skull under there. S: Oh. M: Wow, she is not what I expected. S: No, not at ALL M: It’s pretty awesome. Her voice is like three different voices mixed together The first time I was born S: Yeah That’s cool, thank you So she has three different personalities in her. S: Right. From her three different incarnations. Oh, Wow M: So Suzie, so Suzie Campbell is one, yeah? S: Uh, yeah. Suzie Campbell is actual Alice Angel in some form But then she has like… maybe she didn’t even have a voice in the first incarnation M: It’s interensting. Or. It. Sounds like she has a demonic voice. Yeah, which makes me think… So when bendy touches you, She doesn’t want any of the people to touch her// right// because they’re tainted ink or whatever S: She doesn’t wanna return to the ink, yeah. M: So apparently if you’re S: If you throw… if you throw ink on her Then she should like go away kind of like she should like return to the ooze M: And so bendy, when he touches you Sucks you into this like inky… //into the ink// into this like inky collective… Mind, like you’re almost like melted into it right? and so it sounds like she’s collecting all these.. Various parts all these different parts of the different rejected characters Just like S: To make a perfect version of herself. M: To bring herself back to life give herself like the perfect body, okay And so also that what that tells you is that in every ink puddle? There’s, there’s like a bunch of souls or something, right? Of all the characters. Oh, okay, cool. (Music plays. They both scream like excited children) S: Turn it up! M: It’s the song! (Mat mutter-sings. It sounds beautiful. You’re doing great, honey.) (Mat, Mumble-singing) Mamenano Machine it’s my bendy! S: Oh my god! (Together now) Bendy, the ink machine, so maybe it’s crazy, believe- Oh my gosh! (Talking over eachother) That’s so cool! That’s so nice! Oh, that’s awesome! Oh man the random encounters guys must be excited. (MORE mumble-singing from our fav MatPat) Yes, that’s on the random encounters YouTube channel //yeah!// the Bendy musical I mentioned it before oh S: Oh, there it is. M: I did… uh, I was Bendy in their Bendy and the Ink Machine musical and now it’s in the game! That’s so cool! S: That’s awesome! Well Hedley Lamarr there, and there’s our third one. M: Hell’s kitchen. HELL’S KITCHEN!! I don’t know guys, S: Oh man, this IS Gordon Ramsey! Mat: (doing a bad gordon Ramsey) It’s gARBAGE! Dirty Bowl(?), Jimmy This Wellington is under! (Under what? UNDER WHAT??) M: This is why people don’t invite me-
S: (Doing a worse Gordon Ramsey) These Scollops are RAW! M: They’re RAW!
S: These scollops are RAWWW M: Touch that!
S: Touch it. TOUCH IT! ???: Looks like it’s ready to swim off the plate! (Both- Raucous laughter. Chill, guys.) M: We’re big gordon Ramsey fans S: If this lamb were any rarer, it would be eating grass! You could return it to the feild! (More laughing. Idiots. They wouldn’t be laughing if they were typing this up. No, I want to do this. I’m not bitter.) M: Oh! That’s low(?) S: Ooh, I wonder- Okay, I wonder if we’re getting into some Bendy territory? M: Right? It feels like we’re- S: Why is this so //Wait, wait wait// choppy? M: Oh No! This is it! This is it! OkayOkayOkayOkay! (Both) AGRH!! M: Holy jesus! S: Okay Go go go go GO GO GOGOGOGOGO No! S: Just run. Just run. Oh my gosh, c’mon! Go! Agh Geez! Go! M: Where’s- where is it? S: Where’s the locker? M: They’re literally everywhere! S: Until you need one. Always the way. M: Where the HECK IS A LOCKER?? S: (Calmly) It- It’s like- It’s like your keys when you’re tryna find ’em M: (Less calmly) AWWWW DAMMIT (In game death noise) M: Ar! Darnit! No! S: Darnit… S: Man, I thought we had it. //Oh!!// We had such a good run! M: We did! We had like- a literal run (Har har funnyman) S: Uh- @ GT live fan says “even though I haven’t gotten noticed, and probably won’t, this is still super It’s still super cool, getting to be part of it” That’s nice! M: Yeah, well you know what, it’s even cooler coz you got noticed! It is I ran past this melon. Oh, man. Oh, yeah. I see where it is. There’s this oh? It was right there. We passed what eight of them Matthew. M: I was looking! I was looking around okay? //Just sayin’// There was a lot of… stress. Don’t try to- don’t die on the way back. S: Haha The swollen ones? I have not seen any swollen ones S: Wait, I thought you wanted to avoid being extra thick? M: It’s the botox of the game S: I Understand. M: Take the ink tool. She doesn’t want- she doesn’t want any of her ink wrinkling M: It is Botox! It’s totally the botox of the ink world! S: Alice you don’t need that to be beautiful. It’s okay. We love you the way you are This must be one of them. Hey, don’t-! (SUCH ENTERTAINMENT!!! NOTHING!!!) M: Wait! Oh my gosh- wait there’s Bendy! Holy- S: I’m like I was like I think we need to hide. (Death sound.) S: OH NO!! M:I was- I was in the box! It’s not my fault that the animation came late half a day! S: You weren’t QUITE in the box I was toTalLY in the box Stephanie S: Okay… M: I can’t really I can’t really walk. I just can’t run GOT IT! yeah! S: If we learned to walk quietly it means you need to sneak up on the thick ones. M: Like, like I did… S: Okay, good T H I C C: Thicc. I got it. In ma syringe. S: It’s not- it’s not an insult THICC: thicc, just means curvaceous. M: He’s a curvaceous inkblot //right// Got ‘im. Suck him up.. with ma.. Ma Syringe my botox. My bendy Botox (Strange, cowboy-like YEAHHH) Wait… (Both Groan, realising the weight of their mistakes) S: Well there’s another one, at least. How many were you supposed to get? M: Four. So… (Another soul-crused groan of regret) M: How was I supposed to know?? S: Shoot man. M: Right? I might have to run back down to that other- S: How would you know that that tiny little… Blu… uh… Black blob at the end! I guess it’s very concentrated M: I guess, but… (Ominous music.) Chris: Turn around. Oh- Hey! (In game death sound.) M: (Angrily) Turn around? S: (Singing) Turrn around M: You said turn around. YOU SAID TURN AROUND! S: You did. You did say turn around and then it occurred to me. I was like if it’s Bendy Why is he saying why turn around- M: YEAH, WHY WOULD I TURN AROUND? If the danger is immediately behind me? S: He tried… It- it- Chris tried to save you in his own special way. M: (sarcastically) Hey Matt, turn around and run towards the thing that’s trying to kill you That’s- Pro tips with Chris. Who are you Stephanie?! Where did you get the pro tip school? I trained them. He’s my he’s my (together) protegee… M: You trained him well, Stephanie. Because his tips are equally useless. (Outraged laughter from Steph) Get into the trash can S: Why is- why are there more fetch quests, what is going on here come on! M: It is my… Is it my pipe? Take the axe. S: It’s the axe. You move the axe M: I could have d- Again- Alice, Alice, I could’ve done this. S: We could’ve just… One fell swoop, Does this one fell swoop. You don’t need that many of these. Oh my god… M: Efficiency… your… (he tri) Efficiency thy name is not Alice Angel. S: Like- come on M: Like, Ah, I got nothing better to do. S: This could really have been done a bit more efficiently, it seems like… M:It feels like there’s a bit more theory fodder to this… S: It does! That… That I will say. There’s a lot… There’s a lot of those interesting notes… S: Bam! M: Oh, Whoa- what happened there?
S: Little bit glitchy there S: Oh, wait, what if you chop Alice Angel in the face? M: Wait wait wait- I felt the screen do that shift thing- right as bendy starts to load… so that means I better hide somewhere… Wait there he is! S: Nice! S: Heh, yeah… okay, great. M: I’m working on it… There you go. M: Got it! S: Yes! M: OOHP There it is! Finally, we didn’t die! S: Ready? M: Are we gonna see him? Oh He’s big, man… he’s tall! S: It’s a lot like a shambling anamatronic I’m just saying… M: It doesn’t look AT ALL like a shambling anamatronic. It looks like a shambling (summat) Stephanie, c’mon! Do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do tutitu tutitu tutitu tutitu
(Prepare for the singing) (Singing) Bendy… Bendy, baby! Bendy… Bendy, baby! (Mat, soloing, like an opera singer) Beeennndyy… Baby (together) Bendy, Baby! (Mat, losing the tune a little) Bennnddyyyy.. S: Won’t you come out tonight? M: Don’t come out. Don’t come out- S: (talking over him) Don’t… Don’t come out tonight. do it. Don’t do it go do it Why does it let us go What pieces can I pick up for you Alice? I like stairs in a different direction. That’s cold. That’s All were down here for the heart pieces there whatever, okay? That’s the protectionist sure huh all right, so this is so this is your Solid Snake mission sneak around without being spotted by I know you’re Still I’m the quietest guy oh, oh that’s one yes Wait how many is that now? That’s three? Oh wait look there’s? 100 oh my gosh Pretty much Great wow that was and everyone’s having ball trick man no watch nice that works out really well Yeah wait and so you’re going to set us free into the world no Right Now I we could just go back to like California that’d be fine be okay for now oh She’s actually laughing at us thought it was just a little touch of the bronchitis The purest innocent creature, there’s no sweetest little Boris like Halle soup Oh Looks like around the song oh, she’s in the background no Tiffany style Can’t get him No wait the path of the demon that was the end of the chapter we don’t even get to go rescue force No Boris so the path of the demon, I think is in reference to me Going to the demon. Yeah, it is right. Yes Yeah, I’m pretty sure is the angel side different it must me that hey Jack it is jacksepticeye Ha ha ha is Jacksepticeye that’s fine, but nearly a machine burned by Kyla Awesome oh Wow, look at a fan art. Oh my gosh. It’s a mingling Leonard. It’s so cool. Oh Wait, no these are just the actual posters the actual doodles are the fixtures, but they’re fan, art. That’s that’s the cool thing They work it into the actual. Oh, that’s cool. That’s off. Okay here’s what I propose once the credits are done what we should do is hop in real quick and just Because that choice is like right at the beginning. Let’s see if it prompts anything different so last time We took the demon now we go to the angel angel Dreams come true Okay, so now demon should be locked it is So dreams come true, okay, so here’s the recording okay? Okay Okay so that explains that explains the two voices explains multiple voices in a plane’s why? She was created right it’s my trend. He knew been de Cuisine if you want to see the musical that I did of bendy and Inc wishing with the random encounters guys it’s actually the link To the left and was doing it if you want to see this full stream uncut with every growing Inky second click the box to the right a lot of collectibles so many and subscribe for more bendy, please

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