adidas Basketball | DAME TIME: The Damian Lillard Story | Chapter Seven: Impact

adidas Basketball | DAME TIME: The Damian Lillard Story | Chapter Seven: Impact

My legacy, I would say, that people will
remember me for being a more solid person
than I was a player. Of course, you
want the accolades and all the recognition
for your career, but I want people for like, my
legacy to look back and say, “For him to have been
who he was as a player, it was unbelievable
for him to have been the kind of person he was.” Because I don’t do it
for them to say that. I just know that who I am and being in my position is
different from everybody else. I know it is. The first rule of leadership
is you gotta take care of your own stuff. You gotta lead
yourself well first. So, the foundation and the
habits he had to establish to lead himself, really first became
his separator. He understands the
people around him just as much as he
understands himself. And I think that’s one of his
most underrated qualities, on the court, because
when the game starts you see him creating
synergy through the team. And even though everybody’s
coming to see the Dame show, it’s like the Blazers’ show and it’s very
clear at all times. And I think … And then find time
later on in the game to be like, ‘O.K., I’ll just go into
honey badger mode.’ And I think that’s
just the approach and when you can
do it like that, when it’s time to
go into that mode, then the people behind
you have no choice but to respect it and
jump onboard. Because you already got, you
already created the synergy when the game’s started. I got a text one time
from someone who works for a high-level
franchise in the NBA and he sent me a
text and he said, “Damian Lillard might not
be the best star player, but he is the best leader
among all the stars.” And that’s a pretty
special honor to have. The thing that makes it the
most rewarding for me is … Oh, man, I love
that dude, though. That’s what makes it … It’s gonna be hard to answer. As proud of him as I am that he’ll be a
basketball Hall of Famer or that he’s an NBA All-Star. He hits game winners. You know, some of the
best shots in NBA history. The person and the leader, and the impact and
influence he has on others, has been so rewarding. The loyalty. The having each other’s
back through thick and thin. That’s something I wouldn’t
trade for a salary. There’s gonna come
a day where I’m not gonna be
Damian Lillard anymore. And I’m not gonna
be a NBA All-Star. I’m not gonna be as famous. A lot of this, this
stuff is gonna go away. People aren’t gonna
view me the same for the rest of my life
as they view me right now. So, for me, it’s
more important to just value people, for people. It’s always been about respect and just treating
people the right way. At 29, I’m consumed by impacting other people. I’ve got a beautiful son. I’ve got a great family. If you had to make a
list of things you want, I feel like I have it. I can be like this and there’s people
out there that need it. I’ve learned so
many things that other people could apply
and it could help them. Not like I just
know everything. But there’s so
much that I know, I can give to help other people. And it just does
something for me to … to know that I can
impact other people. I take a lot of pride in it.

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