Add comments to your PDF files in Google Drive

Add comments to your PDF files in Google Drive

Every now and then Google presents new
features in their G suite ecosystem which make these tools better and better. Today they are presenting a new feature with
PDF files. Now if you open a PDF file even if you are previewing it home on
the web you can add comments this is a new feature that many users will find
very convenient you can add comments in two different ways there is a there is a
comment logo up here which you can click and then select the area where you want
to comment now you can highlight an area to comment
example this area okay you select the area first and then you write your
comment here that is the first option the second option is highlighting the
word or the part of text where you want to add your comments and then to the
right of it you will find an add a comment icon that you can click and the
comment will be related to that particular part of the text that has
been highlighted in both cases viewers of the file can see the comments and can
add their own comments so it behaves the same as in text files within Google
Drive I hope you find this new feature useful
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  1. is there any way to view or quickly navigate to a specific comment that made previously? Currently, I have to show comment columns, then scroll down from the beginning to the end of pdf files (1000+ pages), it takes long time.

  2. I found this extremely useful when collaborating on a music track with someone online. Thanks! Just saved me a ton of emails!

  3. I uploaded a 35 MB PDF file, searchable, on Google drive. The problem is, i can't find words written in this file. Only when I open the file and use then the search function. What do I wrong?

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