A New Chapter: Introducing ROC Crates

A New Chapter: Introducing ROC Crates

It’s like a season pass for gaming
hardware. This box is full of surprises. First I was a bit skeptical but now I
can’t wait to get my next ROC Crate. A gaming keyboard, mouse or headset is
something you buy once and keep it until you buy another one. Don’t you think that’s a bit old-fashioned? As a ROCCATEER you are no longer bound to
this outdated concept. We now give you: The ROCCAT Lifetime Service. Prepare for regularly receiving packages. We call them: The ROC Crates. Get ready for new exchange parts. Get ready for exciting cover plates. Get even ready for completely new colors. Get ready to loot our ROC Crates and level up your ROCCAT gear. It’s hardware as a service. You can just basically lean back and let us take care of your gaming setup. Now it feels like there’s a kind of progression. It’s kind of like building a family. You first first set up the base and then you build it out throughout time and make it bigger and better. From now on you will get a base version of all ROCCAT products making room for your creativity
to shine through. Craft your very own and completely individual gaming weapon. You could even get together with your friends Bring your ROC Crates and build
the setup of your dreams. Life is a journey. Let’s walk it together. Subscribe to the ROCCAT Lifetime Service!

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  1. April Fools a day early??

  2. Good one guys, good one… Thank god I checked tomorrow is april 1st.

  3. Please say you thought march had only 30 days. PLEASE.

  4. April fools, but I can build a new Kave 5.1 headset, right?

  5. Klingt cool aber nicht so gut umsetzbar lol

  6. Please bhai mene aapka channel ko subscribe kar diya hai bhai please bhai app vee mera channel ko subscribe kar do bhai please bhai

  7. Tomorrow is April 1st but still a nice try

  8. Hey can you guys please fix your issues with the Roccat Typen Software? Thanks!

  9. 59.99€ a month… 😀

  10. Kann mal jemand mir bitte kurz beschreiben was der gute Herr in englisch mit deutschem Akzent gesagt hat
    So ganz check ich das net für 60 Tacken im Monat bekomm ich ein Rohprodukt was sich immer wieder aktualisiert oder wie muss man das jetzt verstehen ( So wie das mit diesen Modellen pro Monat ne Zeitung und da sind dann x Teile bei … bauen sie ihren Trabi 601 Deluxe :D)
    Die Vulcan 120 in weiß wäre schon nice, aber zu aller erst mal ne neue Software das UI und die Performance etc von Swarm gefällt mir nämlich mal so gar net… passt einfach nicht zu den Produkten, bei denen man ja nicht besonders meckern kann

  11. Leute es ist wirklich eine gute Idee und ich hätte auch nichts gegen ein paar weiße Tasten auf meiner Vulkan aber wer bezahlt dafür 60€ im Monat? Da kaufe ich mir die Tasten lieber Einzel.

  12. Couldn't you wait a day?

  13. i mean, april 1st is tomorrow. BUT im kinda into the concept tbh xD

  14. Sicherlich ein sehr interessantes Konzept.

  15. Before releasing such a "Lifetime Service" you should make an acceptable customer service first without a waiting time of 3 to 4 weeks for a response.

  16. Ja gut ne, dann brauchen die Produkte ja nur noch nen Halbes Jahr zu halten praktisch

  17. Sounds good, doesn't work

  18. Just 999€ a Day
    Naxt we cange to just Mac

  19. you must be out of your mind if you think 59 euros a month is a good deal? 720 euros a year so i can get a new mouse? fuckouttahere if this isnt a joke, im gonna smash all my roccat gear and go with Corsair or even Logitech.

  20. Biggest april fools joke still is Roccat swarm 😀

  21. you dont even get a confirmation email xD

  22. I know it is a joke but I like the idea, a subscription to hardware. U can choose between mouse, keyboard and headset, pay every month 10-20$ and u get the newest mouse/keyboard/headset as soon as it is published or even pre release.

  23. nice Concept! I love Roccat, extremley the Vulcan an the Kone Aimo! And i love that you think about more nice Ideas, and this is one of them! I Think i cant buy it, because i dont have money for it now, but i think about it

    PS: whats with the ne Earphones/Headset that you teaser on Instagram? or is it this box what you teaser?
    PPS: Im German, sry for my Englisch XD

  24. Me again, Hey xD
    I wand to tell you that i Love the concept of Aimo!
    But WHY, god, why is aimo just one collormode?
    I mean, ist beautiful, but can you please make more effects like Snake, fade, I dont know, but just modes, that goes from mouse, to Keyboard and Back xD

    In short: More effects for Aimo


  25. Am 31.03.2019 veröffentlicht


  26. I don't have friends 🙁

  27. LOL it was my school project 2 month ago

  28. 0:42 I need that white Vulcan Aimo

  29. This should actually be a thing? Why was it April fools? I clicked a link hoping to sign up

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