4.0 How to Loom Knit | Purl Stitch

4.0 How to Loom Knit | Purl Stitch

– [Kristen] Today’s lesson four
in learning the purl stitch in our How to Loom Knit series. Welcome to GoodKnit Kisses. We’re all about helping
you stitch your love and love your stitches. So today, we’re working
on the purl stitch, and this is the reverse
of the stockinette stitch. So, we call it the
reverse stockinette or reverse stocking stitch. It has these nice little
horizontal bumps on here, you can see that the
yarn indeed curls just like the stocking
stitch, and if you know what pantyhose
are, you cut ’em, they roll down, that’s
really what this is, is just the nature
of the stockinette. It rolls, and in
order to combat that, whenever you start
building patterns later, you need to know the
purl stitch because if you combine a purl
stitch with a knit stitch, because one goes one way
and one goes the other way, they fight it and they
will work together to make you a
better fabric, okay, and you can build
all kinds of designs just with knit and
purl stitches alone, so we’re gonna learn this today. It does take a little bit
longer to make this stitch, just like the
traditional knit stitch, but the more and more you do it, the faster you become
and it’s worth it. So you aren’t doing
yourself any favors if you avoid the purl
stitch, but I say go ahead and leap in and do it. Now today I’m gonna
make it a little bit more challenging for you
and I’m gonna make you cast on all your
stitches onto here, so here’s my last
little peg here, I was casting on, and
let’s get my hook out, you can do whatever
cast on you want and I did the chain cast on,
and then my last little loop before I place it on
here, I’m actually going to put a stitch
marker on that last peg. And you can use a stitch
marker or a rubber band, I’m gonna used this
bright colored rubber band and just twist it
over and double it so you can really see this
color, it’s really dark here. Okay, so I’m just gonna
place it all the way down at the bottom so
it’s out of the way and then put that on there,
and what that’s gonna do is it’s going to be a visual
for you to not continue to work and connect these
two pegs here, ‘kay, so we don’t want
these connected, you’re still gonna
work back and forth. So this particular one,
cast on 24 and I’m gonna show you the stitches right now. Okay, we’re ready to
work the purl stitch. I’m gonna go ahead
and start on my right of the cast on stitches,
I’m right handed and it’s actually easier
for me if I end up doing every other
row in purl stitches, it’s easier to work to the left in making my purl stitches. If you’re left
handed, you might like to flip it the other way, and
some people are different. But that’s my preference, so
I will work it this direction and then we’ll come
back and I’ll show you how to work it from the
other direction, all right? So just like the knit
stitch, we’re gonna put the yarn in front of the peg
but we’re gonna go below, okay, and I want you
to pretend like this is a pearl, it’s coming
from the ocean. We spell spell purl
P-U-R-L instead of like a pearl from the ocean
but you get what I mean. (chuckles) So we’re gonna take
out knitting tool and we’re gonna go down
underneath this loop and pretend like
this is the ocean and we’re going to pull up
a loop, so the same thing where we push down on this
groove and pull upward and we’re picking up our
purl up from the ocean, we’re taking off the old
loop, putting the new loop on, and then tightening
our yarn, okay? Do that again, put the
yarn in front of the loop, the next loop, put
it below the loop, go down, pull up
from under the ocean, take it off the loom, put
it back on the loom, pull. Again, pull up from the
bottom, make a loop, take the old off, put
the new on, tighten. So I’m gonna show
you how fast I go, well sometimes I
go a little faster, but I’m chatting now. So you can make these faster, it’s just a matter of practice. Sometimes depending upon
the yarn or the loom it goes faster or
slower than others, but this is about average. Okay, so now I’m at the
end and when I want to work my way in the other
direction, we’re just simply going to put the yarn in
front, ‘kay, same thing. We’ll pull up from the
ocean, take that loop, take it off, put it down. Next one. Pull up, take it off,
put it down, okay? It’s just a little
bit different motion as to how I do it. Some people do it a
little bit different but the mechanics
are all the same, the yarn is coming
up from this loop, it has to be taken off and
then it’s placed back down and then you pull on that. And then if you wanna
know how to troubleshoot, let’s do that now. So I’m gonna place
this down again and I’ll show you, we’re
gonna pull off this loop here, pull on our working yarn,
you can see the purl stitch or purl bump that’s
in the front now. On the knit stitch
it was in the back, so we just pop it
right back on there, undo our yarn and you’re
ready to redo that stitch if you need to. Say you made a
mistake down there, you would just undo these
stitches until you get there and then redo them
as needed, okay? So let’s do another one. I’m gonna undo this one here, so I’ve done that stitch,
we’re gonna lift up, pull it off like
this, pull forward, and then we can place that
loop right back on there. It’s actually
really easy to undo, really great to troubleshoot. Well you guessed it,
it’s homework time. You’re going to knit 39
rows, you can do 40 rows if it’s easier for you, I
just have specific numbers for making it in the
gauge that I got. So you got 24 pegs,
work back and forth, make your 39 or 40 rows and
then do what we did last time where we pulled
off the scrap yarn and you have the live
stitches and then that way, in our next video,
we will bind off, which is when we end up
taking this completely off of the loom and
finishing out this end where we have live
stitches, now we’ll have five samples on the next
one and you’ll be able to practice that
over and over again. All right, so be sure and
click on the next video link in the description and
subscribe with notifications for the new lessons. We’ll have more on
our website of course, and I can’t wait
to see you soon. Thanks for joining us
today, were we help you stitch your love and
love your stitches. See you again soon.

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