33 Cheap Items for Your Organization Problems

33 Cheap Items for Your Organization Problems

Getting all your things organized can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, there are several items you can use to make this process easier. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and here are 33 things that will make you want to organize everything. #1. Whether you put them on your planner or on any standard notebook, these sticky notes can help you organize your notes. Choose bright-colored sticky notes and stick them onto the edge of the papers to divide your notebook. You can use them for almost anything. You can divide your schedule or activities, separate notes about different topics, or categorize your to-do lists. Simply peel off the back of the sticky notes and stick them onto the pages. #2. These accordion folders can hold up to 200 pages of paper. Their bright pastel colors make it easy for you to organize each folder into categories. Separate important documents according to personal files, business papers, car registration and almost any other types of documents you need to sort out. Best of all, they are very cheap and you can get a set with several folders, so you have enough for your needs. #3. This set includes a pencil holder, stapler, and tape dispenser that you can display as functional décor in your office. This will help you organize your pens and other office items on your desk. Stick some googly eyes on each piece to make them look more lively. It will help you get into the mood of keeping everything on your office table organized. #4. This over-the-door rack is a simple solution if you need more hanging hooks for your items. Simply hang it on top of the door and the rack will sit nicely behind it. You can hang any items like bags, jackets, pants, or even ID laces. Hang up all the recently worn clothes that are hanging on chairs. It will greatly reduce clutter in the room. #5. Your office space at work may not come with a built-in file organizer. This cascading wall organizer is the perfect solution. The top has a slot that allows you to easily hang it on a wall so the folders are organized vertically. It saves you a lot of space compared to stacking a bunch of folders in a drawer. #6. There are so many wires and cords on your desk including headphone cords, USBs, and other cables. They can make your desk look really messy and unorganized. Bring order back to your computer table with this stick-on cable organizer. It sticks securely on your table so the cables stay in one place, making it easy for you to reach anything you need. #7. This little basket-type table organizer will inspire you to put all your work essentials in one place and organize them. The basket is divided into two sections so you can place pens and smaller items in the front space and notebooks and other bigger items in the back. The cactus design is amusing to look at so you will feel motivated to keep everything in order. #8. Cabinets get cramped easily, but there is usually an unused space in between shelves. This under-the-shelf basket will allow you to use that space and provide additional storage in your cupboards. It’s just a small item but it works. If you want, you can line up a few of them per shelf so you can store more items. They slide in easily so you can close the cabinet door with no problem. #9. Using the same concept above with the under-the-shelf basket, you can add more storage space in your closet for wallets, clutches, gloves, and other small items. Hang them under the top closet shelf. They are small so they will not really take up the space your clothes occupy. These are perfect for small closet items that easily get lost in all the clutter. #10. If you wear makeup regularly, your dresser can easily look like a mess. Makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils, and other small and slim items can get buried within the pile of creams and powders. Organize your makeup brushes with this elegant container filled with white pearls. There are four styles to choose from to match your dresser’s design. #11. If you are lacking on closet space and can’t fit any more hangers in the hanging area, you can still organize your sweaters by folding them up and stacking them in these shelf dividers. The cold season is coming and you will need to be able to easily take out a sweater to wear for the day. Simply slide them in through the top shelf to separate sweaters from other folded clothes. #12. Even if you roll up your socks and underwear, they can be difficult to find if they’re stored together with other pieces of clothing. Place them in a separate drawer and organize them with this honeycomb divider. It will make dress up time before going to work so much faster. #13. When seasons change, you need some separate storage space for clothes you will not be using for a while. It doesn’t really make sense to put sleeveless shirts with your winter clothes during the cold season. Use a storage bag to keep all your out of season clothing in one place. They will remain clean up to the time you need to use them again. You can also use them for sheets that are not appropriate for the current climate. #14. If, like some people, you have a collection of bags you use for several different occasions, you know that it can be hard to find a place for them in your closet. Not everyone has a huge walk-in closet with a big shelf for bags. This hanging closet organizer will add storage space in your closet. Simply hang it up together with your dresses and place your bags in the slots. No need for a closet remodeling. #15. Necklaces can get easily tangled along with earrings and other pieces of jewelry inside your jewelry box. For pieces of jewelry you wear regularly, use this swanky jewelry organizer to keep everything neatly in its own place. It’s also a great way to display your pieces if you like admiring your jewelry. #16. That thin space in between your fridge and counter can serve as a secret storage space. Find a narrow shelf with wheels and slide it inside the space to serve as an extra kitchen storage space. It has to be the same height as your counter so that it’s hidden from view when not pulled out. It’s a great space for bottles, cleaning supplies, and maybe even chips. #17. Keeping teabags altogether in a jar or a box is out of date. If you like drinking different flavors, it’s hard to keep track of where everything is. This teabag organizer will help you separate teas according to flavor or type. It’s small and can hold a lot of bags and will easily fit into your kitchen cabinet. You can also display it out on your kitchen counter or dinner table. #18. If you don’t want your jewelry all piled up on your dresser, you can use these wooden organizers and hang them on your wall. The hooks allow you to hang earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, and you can put them near your dresser. The wooden finish and gold-colored hooks make them look elegant and will look great in any room. #19. The inside of your car can easily become a jungle, especially if kids ride with you all the time. Organize items in your vehicle with this hanging backseat organizer. It fits snugly onto the back of the front seats and has plenty of pockets for all your passengers’ essentials. There are two slots for mobile phones and a clear touchscreen area for placing tablets. Below that are cup holders and a box for other items. There is even a space for an umbrella and a pocket for magazines. #20. This affordable shower caddy is designed with bendy arms so you can hang it anyway you like to fit your needs. One way to use it is to hang it directly under the shower. It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. You can use the storage space for shampoo, soap, and other accessories you may need in the shower. Another way to hang it is by using the bendy arms and shaping them into hooks. Just hang it securely on the shower curtain rods for extra storage. #21. With the stackable baskets, you can save space on your kitchen counters because your items will be stored vertically. You can put smaller jars in the lower section and the taller bottles on the top-most part. The great thing about these baskets is they come in various colors, so you can choose ones that match your counter. They’re plastic but they don’t look cheap. It’s a great way to organize your condiments, oils, and other ingredients. #22. Those spices and medicine bottles can be hard to organize, especially when you have so many. They end up being cluttered everywhere, and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. This expandable lining with two tiered shelves allow you to display your bottles so each label is visible. This allows you to see what you need right away. If your spice bottles don’t come with labels, at least you can see the contents. You can also put on your own labels to make everything more organized. #23. You can use this metal pegboard either in your garage or in your kitchen, or why not both? In the kitchen, you can hang pans, mugs, cooking utensils and even measuring cups. Since it’s hanging on a wall, you will save a lot of cabinet and counter space. Plus, it’s easy to see the items, so you can grab whatever equipment you need when you’re cooking. In the garage, you can place your handyman tools, like screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc., on this pegboard. No more rummaging inside cluttered toolboxes. #24. If you lack space in your bathroom cabinet and your toothbrushes are all cluttered, this bathroom organizer may be the solution. You just stick it in a convenient spot on your bathroom mirror, and it can hold your small bathroom necessities. It has a razor holder and a pocket that is good for a toothbrush and toothpaste. There is also a little shelf for coins or floss, or other small items. It’s small so it won’t obstruct your view. #25. This clothing rack will solve your problem of not having enough space in your closet. If you lack space for clothes that need to be hung, you can hang them here instead. There is no installation necessary. The rack comes with flat hooks that will slide conveniently on top of a door. You can hang it either on the closet door itself or on the door of your bedroom, whichever has space. It’s sturdy, so you can hang a significant number of clothes without having to worry about the rack falling off or breaking. This will be great for sweaters and jackets that take too much space in the closet. #26. Mail, keys, and other small items often get misplaced. Instead of placing a table that takes space in your hallway, you can hang this shelf on the wall instead. There is a hook where you can hang your car keys, house keys, and small purses. This way, you know that they are just in one place and you don’t have to look for them each time you leave the house. There is a pocket for mail and a space for small plants, picture frames, or clocks. #27. This bird whistle in a birdhouse functions as a key holder. It also serves as a functional décor in your home to help you get organized. You can place it in an area that is highly visible where you will pass when walking in and out of the house. It’s a great place to hang your house keys so you don’t ever misplace them again. You can add another one for car keys, office keys, etc. They are not big, so you can place two or more of them in one area. All your keys will be in one place, and there is less chance of you losing them. #28. Your photo frame can serve as a secret hanging space that will only expand when you need it. This three-picture frame opens up to reveal a rod where you can hang clothes when space is limited. The great thing is that you can close it when you no longer need the rod and it will just be a regular photo frame on your wall. It’s a great functional décor that serves as an additional storage space for your clothes. #29. Sponges can get messy when they just sit on a container somewhere in the sink. They also attract lots of bacteria when left wet for a long time. This handy sponge holder allows the sponge to dry out when not in use and saves space in your sink area. The holder has a hook so you can hang it below your faucet. It takes up significantly less space and it’s easy to reach when you need to use it. The open design allows the liquid from the sponge to evaporate quickly to prevent bacteria from accumulating. #30. Whether you are an artist or just a coloring book enthusiast, this colored pencil organizer will make your life so much easier. Even if you don’t use colored pencils, this organizer will be of great use if you use different types of pens for work or personal use. There are four divisions, so you can store a lot of items. There is also a space for other things like erasers, sharpeners, etc. #31. Keeping your K-cup pods inside the drawer can get really messy. You may even mix up used ones with new ones. This K-cup carousel allows you to display a number of pods out in the open so you know exactly what flavor they are and so you can see they have not been used. It will make your mornings a lot more manageable. #32. Organize your Q-tips and toothpicks with this cute little holder. It can be a functional décor in your bathroom or dining area. The small container is designed with a plant or an animal at the center, which makes it suitable for display. It has a glass cover to keep your toothpicks and cotton swabs clean. They are available in 7 different shapes. You can order a set to place in different parts of the house for various purposes. #33. Reduce clutter in your home office or study room with these chair storage pockets. You simply hang the holder on the back of a chair. It can be a computer chair or a regular desk chair. The holder has several pockets of different sizes, so you can place notebooks or magazines on the larger pocket and pens and other smaller items in the other pockets. And that’s all for now… For more organizing ideas, stay tune to our channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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