24 in 48 Reading Vlog – Social Distancing Edition|| Always Doing

24 in 48 Reading Vlog – Social Distancing Edition|| Always Doing

It’s hard to tell but good morning
from my futon where it is 5 a.m. I’ve been up for a while but I finally caught up
on the news and everything so I can start [sing song] rea-ding~ This is an advance copy. It comes out next week?
I think. Paranormal romance. ‘Cause yaaaay escapism. Love is your husband getting you an onigiri when
he goes on a late-night run and leaving it for you with the ice pack. And I just realized that most of you have probably
never seen how to open an onigiri like this. It is so cool because the seaweed if you put it directly on the rice the moisture from the
rice makes it not crispy anymore. It just gets wet. So it’s separated from the rice in here.
And the way you get it out It says pull [tearing noise] [more tearing] And then the two halves come off and there’s actually a layer – this – inbetween the nori,
the seaweed, and the rice. So… Pull that out. Pull that out. And now I have
crispy crispy nori on my onigiri. Breakfast. Ahh~! Collateral damage. Hey there, Kazen here, and
welcome back to Always Doing. [♪♪] Comin’ at’cha a day later than usual because
I wanted to do another reading vlog. Last weekend was practice,
this weekend is the 24 in 48 Readathon. They’re doing a social distancing
edition and it’s very low key. There’s no week- not weekly. There’s no hourly
challenges, there’s nothing all that overboard. It’s just hunker down and read, which I’m totally here for. As much as I would like to just read by mood and
probably just go through a whole bunch of romances there are some things I really want to get through. First of all is Ghosts of the Tsunami
by Richard Lloyd Perry. And this is a buddy read I’m doing with Olive over
at A Book Olive. I’m through part two right now. I’d like to get through part four by the end
of the weekend, maybe finish it. Depends. The other physical book I have is this old battered
copy of 上京十年 by Masuda Miri. This is a bunch of short essays.
They are only about two pages each and they are absolutely wonderful
for reading on the train. Which means that I’ve only been reading them on
the train, and I’m not going to finish the book that way. So I’m just going to try and get
through, let’s say a chunk of this. Right now I’m on page 134 so I’ve read this much I have this much left to go. I’m not gonna push to get all the
way through but, like I said, a chunk. And then I have stuff on my ereader including
my last read for the Booktube Prize, yay! I would love to get through that.
Getting through that would be amazing. I also have Binding Shadows from Jasmine Silvera. The author was kind enough to offer an
advance copy and I’m totally interested because it’s paranormal romance with people of color,
written by a person of color and I’m enjoying it so far. I got up super early and already got a bunch of things
done including catching up on my social media which takes a long time when you think you have an
entire day’s worth of United States news to go over. And I did laundry, that’s out on the line.
I had my first cup of tea. I had breakfast in the onigiri, and yeah. Excited to get into reading and
I don’t want to start heavy. Like, this wonderful, but heavy. So I think I’m gonna
start with the paranormal romance. This is one of my favorite ambience
videos to play in the morning. Harbor sounds. It’s from the YouTube
channel Guild of Ambience. They rock. Especially because they’re mostly not ASMR. I’m not big on that whole staticky whoosh
whoosh whoosh whoosh all the time. But this is just perfect for me. I don’t know if you can hear. [you can’t] Seagulls! It’s the kind of day where just having
a hot water bottle will be enough. Don’t necessarily have to turn on the heat. Never too early in the morning for a hot water bottle. So between eating and having some
really nice conversations my husband I have been reading Binding Shadows
by Jasmine Silvera. This comes out next week and I am really enjoying it. It is a paranormal romance and
it starts off with the woman. She has something called a “knack” or a “grace” and she’s able to find things that
need to be found very easily. And she works in a research library which makes a lot of
sense because there’s all different kinds of volumes that go missing that need to be found. Tobias is a visiting professor, not to mention a werewolf,
even though nobody knows that yet and he’s working on a very special project. And she ends up being the
research librarian that helps him but there’s all this other stuff going on in the world. And I don’t want to give away
anymore because stuff happens. What I’m liking the most about the book
so far is probably the slow burn in conjunction with the, it’s just as feminist as hell. And she has been like looked over in academia for stupid, sexist reasons and he recognizes that right away and is very careful with her when they’re interacting with each other in that he doesn’t want to add to
all that crap that she’s *getting. And he becomes an ally and
is very considerate and sweet. I’m about halfway through and things
are starting to heat up, and yeah. This is the exact escapism I need
today, because the world. So this is perfect. I know I should start reading my buddy read, but this is too good! Husband is going out buying sweets
but I’m trying to be responsible. If I’m going to have something sweet it
should have at least started as a fruit, right? Now, believe it or not, I’ve actually seen
prunes here that are individually wrapped. For like a snack. I wouldn’t even know how they’d do the machines.
Wouldn’t that be so… unnh. Yeah, anyway. Prunes. I forgot how mediocre room temperature prunes are. These need to go the fridge. Oh guys!
I’ve never shown you my fridge. This is my fridge. Two handles. Open it this way. Put this on top. Open it this way. Is that magic or what? 5 pm on Saturday and I finished
Binding Shadows and it was pretty good. I enjoyed myself. Paranormal romance
is exactly what I need right now. It is so escapist, and the story was good. I love that it’s two people of color and
the author is a woman of color. It takes place in Prague which
isn’t a very common setting, but it turns out the author lived there for
a couple of years and it makes complete sense. And it’s an alternate Prague.
There’s some major stuff going on. I did have a couple of issues with it.
Some of them were more “me” issues. One is a spoiler so I’m not going to say it. And the other one is mostly a spoiler, but the epilogue went a way the epilogue is usually – often, not usually –
often go and that I don’t like. And I’ll just leave it at that.
But the story itself was good. I really like the characters. The fight with the big bad at the end? Excellent. I was kind of hoping that it would be a happily ever after
for now kind of ending so we can keep on following this couple because I like them very much
but it appears that it’s going to be, the next book in the series, I should say, is going to be
maybe one of his brothers or perhaps the hero’s sister. And that would be great.
I’m just [sigh] his oldest brother is an ass. He’s an absolute ass. And it’s gonna take a really strong
person to put him in his place. And I’m curious to see how that will go but
I’m also kinda hoping it’s not the next book because the way he’s presented here,
you just wanna smack him. More complete review coming in my wrap up of course,
but this was just the book I needed today. And, yeah. Yay escapism! I didn’t want to pick up anything else while I was reading
that so I let myself finish it, I let myself enjoy it, but now I do have some kind of
more deadline reading to do. So I’m gonna do this, maybe
the Booktube Prize book later. Hopefully I’ll be up for it. It is a beef consommé kind of morning. So my reading morning did not go like I expected. Between last night and this morning I read a bunch. Maybe about a quarter of my last Booktube Prize book. And I’m really happy I saved this one for last because
while it’s not a happy topic the writing is very breezy which is making it, like, I don’t have to drag myself to
the page worrying about what disaster will arrive next. I thought I would be continuing that book this morning
but I landed on some of my library books and I thought, you know what, if I could just
flip through the beginning of some of these and if they’re not for me I can return them next week.
One of my hospitals is close to a library branch. And there’s one that, it’s not gonna
work for me. It’s going back. But this one did. It’s the one about a
housewife who got into Tokyo University, the most elite, prestigious university in Japan, at age 50. I like her writing style, I like how she points out
that the system can be adapted depending on your circumstances and she is
motivating the heck out of me. And I’m always looking for an excuse
to buy a 手帳、which is a planner book. And I haven’t for the last few years
because all the medical stuff I’ve been doing, I’ve been using a calendar online. But I think I might. I think I might finally get a planner. And so as *I was
reading this I got so motivated that I went online and I searched for the planner I want
and then I went through my purse to see if there’s anything I could throw out to save some weight
because the planner would add weight. And, yeah. So I haven’t read
as much of this as I might of. But I’m still on page 72. From 0 to 72 in a Japanese language book? Not bad. I’m gonna take that. So now I have a cup of black tea and I think I’m going
to continue reading this until my eyes cross and then I need to read more of The Ghosts of
the Tsunami ’cause that’s my buddy read. It’s getting dark. I’m here in the living room and
I am still going at the Japanese book. I am at page 119. There are 200 pages in the thing.
I’m thinking I want to try and finish it today. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Japanese
book of this length in one day before, other than manga but that doesn’t count. And granted, this isn’t the most dense text. There’s big headlines, there’s lots of stuff in between. But I think I want to give it a go. It’s reading really well. Some of it is common sense,
but you’re always going to get that in a study book. But there are some things, like little tips that
I’m finding interesting. Like this one here So this is when there’s something you don’t understand and so you can have post-its,
different colors for different things. For example, this one is for when you have a question and this black one is for when you’re just not sure about
something. You want a little bit more explanation. And what I like about this is so, when you, like,
you can ask somebody else or ask your teacher. Once you figure out the question fold down the post-it. And that way it means that this problem has been
solved but at the same time you know to go back to it because if you didn’t get it the first time just one
explanation is probably not going to be enough. Like, one going over it. So this reminds you
that you need to go over it in the future. And this is such a smart idea. Why didn’t I think of that? So yeah, we’ll see if I can push on through.
I mean, 80 pages left. Not dense, hoping two hours might be enough. And we need to go get dinner at some point.
We’re thinking about takeout but we’ll see. And I’m using my book stand because
my elbow’s been killing me [laugh] And yeah, this makes things so much easier.
So much less stress my arms. So anyway, back to it! [soft jingle from a tv] I was hoping to film this final part of the vlog on
Monday and turn it around quickly for you guys. However, Monday happened.
And then Tuesday happened. I ended up going to four different hospitals, not close
to each other, between those two days, and yeah. I didn’t get home until late and I had no
brain left because of the interpreting. So I’m filming this on Wednesday,
and you might be seeing it on Thursday? Anyway, I’m happy with how the weekend went and
I ended up reading a huge chunk out of two books. The first one being Binding Shadows. I read
244 pages of that and finished it, which was nice. And the other book I read a lot of was the one about-
the study book that I was trying to get through. And I did- I read so much that night
but with about 20 pages left I conked out. So yeah, that didn’t quite get
finished but I was oh so close. I read 178 pages of that. Combined with the pages from Ghosts of
the Tsunami and my Booktube Prize read I read 515 pages over the weekend which I will take. Not bad, especially considering that
178 of them are in Japanese and I read Japanese slower than
I read English. So it feels like a win. I hope you guys are doing well and I realize a lot
of you might be staying in for the common good. You rock. Keep on doing that. My next couple of videos are going to be
more of the normal sort but come April, in the very beginning I’m going to have a
couple of Booktube Prize vlogs for you. So if you end up liking this vloggy
stuff there’s more coming. If you’d like to talk about any of these books or
anything I mentioned or anything at all let me know down in the comments below. Thank you for watching, subscribe if you’re new,
and I’ll see you next video. Bye! [♪♪]
Thanks for watching! The cherry blossoms are blooming early this year! They’re just as pretty as usual, though 🌸

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