2017 Silverado Project – Few upgrades, TPMS Binding, Hub Centric Rings, Portable Jumper box

2017 Silverado Project – Few upgrades, TPMS Binding, Hub Centric Rings, Portable Jumper box

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  1. Love the videos! Keep them up man 👍🏾

  2. Hey noticed you’re setting the tires kinda high do you plan on rotating them at all to preserve the longevity of the tires? I have a Z71 Tahoe with 33×12.50r18’s running 37 psi to make sure I get even wear and while driving tires heat up and sit at 39-40 psi while driving and I have a 2015 F150 with 35×12.50r20’s and I have 40 psi and the wear perfectly all they way around and still get decent mileage

  3. You deserve more likes and views then what you have to be honest

  4. So a higher psi on front than the rear helps your mileage?

  5. You dont need the tool, you can keep letting air out until it honks

  6. trucks looks awesome !

  7. Replace your fuel filter , im not completely sure because its different on every truck but I would get every 5 thousand miles or So replace it to make sure you keep a clean fuel line and have the best mpg.

  8. Look in the driver door of your truck you’ll see that you don’t put your tires to 55psi 😂 that’s way too much! You’ll see that rear max is gonna say 45psi for payload and like 35psi I’m the front.. your going to wear out the centre of your tires in no time! The psi rating on the tire is to tell you the max psi they are rated for, not the amount that they should have..

  9. What kind of wheels are those on that explorer?

  10. Any idea on how to fix the famous chevy shake it's driving me nuts it only does it when I hit 70 anything will help, good content by the way I like your videos alot

  11. 11.4mpg average?? Jesus christ that sucks. My 2016 averages 22mpg.

  12. Your psi should match the door sticker even on bigger tires. Just because your tire is rated for more air doesn’t necessarily mean it needs it. It can be rated for more air because the tire could be installed on a heavier truck that requires it. By over inflating the tires you will see bad ware on them. You will ware on the centers of the tires rather than evenly. And if you use not enough air it will ware on the edges of the tire. So match your door sticker even on larger tires.

  13. Nice father son and daughter time.

  14. 2017 Silverado Parts List:
    My Garage Products:

  15. Did you put the tpms sensors in yourself? If not how much did they charge to put them in

  16. Wish you would have started the video stating you weren't airing up the tires properly so I could move on with my day.

  17. How I know what center ring do I need?

  18. I’d go 40 on those tires. 50 is too much

  19. You should look up Boyles Law. You should figure out the percentage change between your stock tire size and aftermarket. Depending on if you went with an oversized tire (off road) or smaller ( performance tire), you will be adding or subtracting the amount of PSI. You should never go off the rating on the tire. Good luck Mr Fixit.

  20. thanks for you work is good sin headers asi senciilla

  21. What size lift do you have? I’m worried about ground clearance when off-roading hut you look like you have plenty

  22. Hey men! What’s setup you got on tires and suspension? Thank you

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