2016 College Planner Organization

2016 College Planner Organization

Hey loves. I am back finally. I know it’s been about three weeks or something,
but I’m finally or more… Anyway, I’m finally back with another video
and I am finally back home in my own apartment. I am currently in college and I think we’re
in week three or four. I have no idea how long I’ve been here. Any my schedule is really busy and I know
that a lot of you guys are college students and your schedule is probably very busy too. And sometimes it’s really hard to stay organized
and keep on top of things. I know the struggle. So today I thought I would share with you
guys my planner organization and everything I do to stay organized and get things done
and how I have survived college this far. So, first, I’m just gonna talk really briefly
about what planner I have. This is the – what is this – this is the Sugar
Paper planner. This is found at Target. This is the second year in a row that I have
used this brand of planners and I really really like it. It’s not expensive at all. I think it’s around… Ooh, I think it’s around $10 at Target. Somewhere around that price range. Nothing too crazy. The planner I have is a monthly and weekly
planner. And basically what that means is – I’m just
gonna show you really quickly before we get into it what that is. And basically that mean’s you’re gonna get
a full month view of your calendar and then you can flip through and you’re gonna get
your weeks. And so that is what I prefer to use. I really love it. I really love the size of this planner. Last semester – or last year I should say
– I had a smaller planner and I was always running out of room. And though I really liked the convenience
and being able to put it in my bag and things, it was just not enough room for me to write
everything down the way I wanted to. So I opted for a bigger planner this year. So I think with that being said, let’s just
get into the planner organization and I will show you guys how I organize my entire life
in this planner. I honestly don’t know how YouTubers do it. It literally just took me forever to figure
out how to set this thing up. But I think I have a way of doing it. I think this is going to work. So this is my planner. This is the 2016 planner that I am using for
this year. And when you first open it, you get your basic
planner stuff. You get the name of the planner. All that good stuff. You get your contact page if you want to add
your contacts or whatever. I don’t have any ’cause all of my contacts
are in my phone. And then we just open up to the very first
page. At the top I have a quote that says, “Become
a living expression of love.” And then I’ve just got all of my stuff planned
out on the days of the week. Over in this corner, I have some goals that
I set for the month of January. And one of them is to start posting two blog
posts per week and plan videos at least one week ahead of time. It probably goes without saying from the state
of my YouTube channel that that is definitely something that didn’t happen. But it’s still something to work on, something
to keep writing and reminding myself to do. And so everything I have is color-coordinated. That is how I stay organized. So everything I have in red are all of the
bills and payments and things that I need to pay for. So on the first of the month – you can’t really
see because as the days go by, I put Xs on the individual dates. But on the first of the month. which was Friday the 1st I had a car note
due. I have a phone bill due on – when was that
– that was the 5th. My Spotify payment was due on the 11th. And then Netflix was due on the 23rd. And those are just all small things that aren’t
really that important but just things that need to get paid. And then I have things that are in purple
The purple is for anything that has to do with theater or any of my School of Theater
and Dance activities or anything. So we had a Convocation at 7. All the things that are in blue are meetings
and appointments and things like that. So I had a pizza party for one organization
that I actually didn’t end up going to. And then I had a Women’s Rights Alliance meeting
at 5 PM. And then everything in black is just general
things. Like classes resumed on the 19th I believe. And then the 15th was my last day of work
back at home. And I put, “thank God” because I was so ready
to come back to school. And so that is a basic view of my month at
a glance. And now I’m gonna go ahead and flip to the
week and show you guys how I organize my weekly calendar I guess. So every week, I go through and I divide the
days in half, the individual days in half. And I have one side listing all of my assignments
and things I need to do and the other side is all my to do lists. Please ignore this big black blob of things. I messed up on something and I just didn’t
want to leave it there so I just crossed it out. Please ignore that. I know it’s not the cutest. I could probably get a sticker and put it
on there or something. But anyway, so how I organize my weeks, I
divide all my classes up by color.Again, I told you guys I was very color-coordinated
and that’s how I like to organize. So I have my English class is in green, I have my
Spanish in orange. I’m taking a Transgender Studies class so
that’s in blue. I’m taking a Men & Masculinities course which
is under the Gender Studies class and that’s in pink. And then my theater class – Theatre History
– is in this bright ass neon yellow. So going through my week, I always go and
I list all the individual assignments. A lot of my assignments this semester are
readings that I have to do and I write down the individual readings and cross them off
as I do them. And as I cross them off, I just draw boxes
and I fill in the boxes with whatever color I use for the corresponding class. So that’s what I’ve done for all of my classes
so far. Except on Tuesday I wrote down the wrong assignments
for the wrong day. These are due in another week, so I just crossed
those out. And I’ve been pretty good with keeping up
with my assignments. And then in the to do column I write down
anything basically that I need to do or anything that I have planned that’s not for school,
if that makes sense. So on Wednesday the 27th, I had an apartment
viewing with my friends Mallory and Robert because we are getting an apartment together
and we were looking for places to live. And here I had that there was a kickoff pizza
party for a organization that I wanted to join, but I didn’t end up going to that because
I got really busy. And then moving on to this half of the week,
I have not done any of my assignments as you can see. And then I had a meeting on what was this
Thursday the 28th and I had nothing to do Friday. The weekend portion of my calendars is usually
where I put everything like chores. Just things I need to get done. I usually put down whatever I’m gonna film,
whatever blog posts I have planned. Those all go in the weekend sections of my,
or the weekend days of my planner. So I have for Saturday, which is today, to
film my planner organization video and then later I’m gonna be planning my blog posts. And then, of course, on Sunday, that’s the
day where I do most of my chores and other housekeeping stuff. So I have laundry that I need to do and then
tomorrow is wash day, which those of you who have natural hair will understand that that
is a day long commitment. So that’s basically what I’m going to be doing. And then, or course, these assignments that
I haven’t completed yet are what I’m gonna be doing this weekend as well. So that is kind of basically how I’ve organized
my planner thus far. Generally, I plan my weeks all at one time. So usually I’ll go in and as you can see the
month of February is completely blank. So what I’ll do, probably tomorrow, is go
in and fill in all the things I know are gonna be plans for the month of February and then
go in and divide my weeks in half like I did all the weeks in January and write down all
the assignments that I know are gonna be due and things like that. So that is it for today’s video. Hopefully, today’s content helped some of
you guys out there. I was thinking about maybe making this a series
or something like that. I really love watching Plan With Me videos
and college organization videos so maybe I can upload videos about time management, how
to stay organized in college, productive routines for college, how to study effectively, things
like that. So if you guys are interested in any of those
topics, please give this video a thumbs up or let me know in the comments below if that’s
something that you guys would want to see. And that is it. I think that is everything I wanted to cover
in today’s video. So again thank you guys so much for watching,
And remember to like and subscribe if you like today’s content. Bye guys.

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