馃鈥嶁檪锔廇gujeros de Gui贸n: RESIDENT EVIL 6: THE FINAL CHAPTER (Parte 1) (Errores, cr铆tica y resumen)

馃鈥嶁檪锔廇gujeros de Gui贸n: RESIDENT EVIL 6: THE FINAL CHAPTER (Parte 1) (Errores, cr铆tica y resumen)

PLOT HOLES The time has come to put an end to the analysis of this hexagony of denigration. Today I will talk about Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter. Part 1. Yes, as you will understand, the analysis has been a little long. It is that there is much to comment. We started as usual, with Alice making a summary of the story, but as in this movie you see that they wanted to do something else, they forget completely about the previous films and invent a new origin of the virus. Now it turns out that the creator of the virus is not Professor Ashford … so that his little daughter did not become invalid, as they told us in the second movie. No, now there’s a guy named James Marcus looking for a cure for progeria, a rare illness that his daughter Alicia has that causes accelerated aging. It could be like Marcus created the virus and Ashford perfected it, but nothing is clear with the dialogues so vague in this saga. We see a scene in a cable car where a child starts to feel bad, the palm and turns into a gray zombie in a matter of seconds. To start: Who the hell is that child? How has it been infected? It is not known. Marcus founded Umbrella, but his partner was Alexander Isaacs, who pretended to use that virus to create biological weapons and shit. Before the refusal of Marcus, goes Albert Wesker and assassinates him, staying Isaacs with the tutelage of the girl. Of what? And how do you let that girl gain so much power within the company, knowing that it can jeopardize her plans? Ok, after this sheet starts the movie really. Do you remember the end of the 5th? With that White House being besieged by creatures of the underworld? Well, now we’re finally going to see that epic battle. Eh … and the battle? What is this shit? No, no, no … Tell me that Anderson has not omitted it. It’s not possible. Damn son of a bitch. Cursed cocksucker. What looked like it was going to be the best of the fucking saga now turns out that it has happened off camera and to compensate … what do we have? This fucking fight against a Starcraft bat? Holy God. After loading the mutalisk of the balls, Alice begins to hear an alarm. The city has been razed, there are hardly any intact walls, but beware, a pole with megaphones and Umbrella cameras still stands. And that’s not all. For convenience, Alice also heard the sound of a fax in a fucking basement that even the best ear in the world could not hear … and ends up meeting the evil Red Queen, who like Wesker … now is not so bad. In the first film I was trying to kill her to contain the virus, in the fifth I wanted to destroy humanity completely and in this, now, she wants … “… that they detain her, that she is a liar, evil and dangerous, I can not control her”. And well, for this he sends disturbing faxes. The AI ​​tells him that the last remaining human settlements will succumb in 48 hours, and that the only possible salvation is an aerial antivirus developed by Umbrella. Wow, a weapon capable of destroying all zombies in a stroke! How did anyone ever mention it in ten years, not even a little? In the 3rd movie Isaacs was looking like crazy for a cure, “With the antibodies in his blood, I will develop a serum that will not only fight the effects of the T virus … but possibly invert it.” Why did not he go to the Raccoon City Hive? Because it turns out that’s where he’s been all this time. So … why did not they use it instead of throwing an atomic bomb over the city and killing everyone? In the first film, when the T virus escapes and all the workers become infected … the Red Queen, whose mission was to contain the virus and not to escape, instead of gassing all the Nazi employees … why the fuck He used that aerial antivirus that he now presumes so much? The problem would have been solved. But no, just now appears magically as the only salvation of mankind. And why the fuck are you asking Alice for help now? I do not know! It does not make fucking sense. “I am programmed not to harm the Corporation; but you lack those limitations. ” Already, and conspiring behind his back is not harming her, and also why did not you tell Alice this shit long before? In the previous movie, for example, while you were trying to exterminate humanity. He tells him that by his programming he can not harm any employee of Umbrella … Already, tell it to all those that you loaded in all the movies in which you have left. We do not even have ten minutes of movie and still more contradictions come out. The Red Queen says that Wesker is already in Raccoon City, and that now he is bad again because during that epic battle in the White House that we DID NOT LIVE, he betrayed Alice to charge all the opponents of Umbrella in a stroke. Oh, and that injecting the powers again was a joke. What the fuck? Come on, there are no powers. Again. Anderson is an expert in reversing, of course; he always adds new elements to the plot, but if he sees that they do not fit into the next installment, he gets rid of them completely absurdly. If everything in the fifth movie was a ruse and Wesker wanted to eliminate all the opponents of Umbrella … Why not kill Alice directly after Arcadia instead of having her locked up with Jill saying: Who do you work for? If Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy and the rest were part of those opponents, I could have driven them to the Russian base equally with any excuse. Without Alice they would all have died. And if he needed help to fight the undead in Washington, he could have released the aerial anti-virus and ended the problem. And what about Jill, Ada Wong, the clone girl and Leon Kennedy? Have they all died during the epic battle we do not see? Mystery. They are not mentioned at any time. Are they supposed to be dead? It would be logical, but … poof. With Anderson you never know. The same were all clones. In short, Alice has been betrayed by Wesker posing as an ally and assigning him a suicide mission, and now he is in command of the Red Queen, a murderous AI that tried to kill her multiple times and now seems allied and puts him at command of a suicide mission. Makes sense. Somehow it has to make sense because if not, I do not know what kind of insane producer gave the nod to the production of this movie. On the way to Raccoon City his car falls into a trap and Umbrella raiders manage to make it hang from a bridge. If Wesker thought that Alice was dead … what are those guys doing there, putting traps on cars? In the whole fucking world there are only 4500 survivors, according to the Red Queen. Why would any of them go through that road by car? There are not many probabilities. How long have those guys been waiting for someone to pass? And it is that instead of shooting Alice from afar, they approach it, use it as a piñata and Alice loads them all with her karateka movements. However, after not leaving any alive, he will steal his motorcycle and ends up electrocuted and losing consciousness. He wakes up in a kind of prisoner truck next to another rock. There he meets Dr. Isaacs, who happens to be not dead, but what he killed in the third movie was just a clone. The wildcard of the clone was funny the first time, but now … fuck, it tires a little that the same resource is always used. Isaacs puts the girl to run in front of a huge herd of zombies heading to Raccoon City while not stop making biblical comments, and we even see in the truck some crosses. Oh, God … Anderson has become Damon Lindelof. Above says this: “I want to know what you know”. For what? Why do you need to know what she knows? If it’s a problem for your plans, kill it, period, that this is not a spy movie. And why the fuck are those porai tanks kidnapping people and attracting hordes of zombies? Isaacs calls Wesker and warns him that Alice knows about the air cure. How? If she has not said anything. The villain of perpetual sunglasses tells him that he will protect the Hive well so that he does not steal the antivirus. If it’s a problem … would not it be better to destroy it? Well, Alice, of course, manages to charge the guards, get into the truck, fight Isaacs in a death match with knives, and steal the Umbrella motorcycle thanks to the doctor’s severed hand. The van driver tries to shoot her with machine guns and missiles, but not the slash. It must be myopic or something like that, because if I do not explain it to me. If you are going to post résumés to Umbrella they should demand a bit more marksmanship because this is not normal. Aim like a drunken stormtrooper. Alice arrives in Raccoon City, sees the giant hole that made the nuclear bomb of the first movie, and then falls foolishly into a trap and faints. YOU ARE DEAD Fainting and melting to black seems the only transition that Anderson likes; all the fucking time the same. In half an hour of the movie the girl has woken up like 3 times already. Okay, it turns out that there, in a dilapidated skyscraper that did not appear in the general plans of the 2nd film, lives Claire Redfield with other survivors. He tells her that after the Arcadia was captured and transported with other prisoners to the Hive, they escaped and there they are since then. But … First, why the fuck did they take her to the Hive? And second: And Chris? And Burger? Another mystery; Alice does not even ask about them. And how long have they been there? What do they live on? Have you not tried to flee to a place with sea or vegetation? Why stay in Raccoon City? What is attractive? In a few hours Isaacs and his horde of zombies will arrive. They know this because they use thermal sight glasses and see a huge speck of heat in the distance. But let’s see, are not they dead? It should be all blue. In short, our beloved protagonists decide to entrench themselves well in the building and put traps everywhere. Would not it have been better to get shitting milk to the Hive and get the fucking antivirus as soon as possible? I ask. I do not know … there was a rush with the countdown and that, that people are dying. During the confrontation, Isaacs and his tank remain still while the zombies are being eliminated by the survivors. From time to time, well, they fire a missile and such, but being able to tear down the entire building with a cucumber of their own … they do not. And then Alice throws gas at the center of the building, because these people have huge amounts of gas, we do not know how, and instead of using it to go to a tropical island or something like that, Alice goes and sets it on fire, and everything becomes the hell on Earth and explosions are going everywhere. Because gasoline not only burns, it also explodes for no reason. Everything has to explode in this movie. With the zone cleared of zombies, the protas go towards the crater with intention to penetrate in the Hive. Isaacs is still alive and hidden, in the end it will be important, now his cock does not sweat. Luckily right in the lower part of the pit there is an entrance that just connects with the installation of Umbrella. Hey, and that part down there is new, it did not come out on the digital plane of the first movie. This phrase is key to a new contradiction with previous deliveries: “I woke up when everything started … I have no memories of before”. Then we will discover that Alice is a clone of the boss of the company, Alicia Marcus, the girl with Progeria, and that she can not have memories of her childhood because she never had, since, they say, she was created 10 years ago in the Mansion. Do you mean to say that this clone Alice was born in the shower scene of the first film? It would not make any sense, because then he gets to remember his wedding with Spence, the plot he made with Matt’s sister and more things. “My name is … Alice … and I remember everything.” What’s more, Alice was not the only one who remained amnesiac in the first movie, also Spence, but it was not for being clones, but for a gas that came out of the shower that was part of the security system of the mansion. And both characters interacted before those events, so … Another rare thing to list. Wesker orders them to release the Cerberus. And the Red Queen releases them. But where are they supposed to be? Were they booking it for something special? If they had been locked there for years, why did not Wesker use them against the building types much earlier? He would have gotten rid of them and prevented them from allying with Alice. Did Wesker know that Claire Redfield was in that building with rooftop plants surviving? Yes, I had to know because I had a spy; But then why did not he do anything against them? I could have killed them in zero coma. As soon as we reach the access tunnel to the Hive, the dogzombis stop and stop chasing them. All very convenient. “Why do they stop? – Maybe they’re afraid. – Afraid of what? -Of what’s below. Fear? Since when do zombies have feelings? Come on, do not fuck with me. “Seal the Hive.” Wait, fucking Wesker, are you telling me that you have Alice and her friends on their way to your personal bunker and you have not been able … in all that fucking time … to close the floodgates? You have to be an asshole! Above the doors take life to close. We have already reached the middle of the film and my brain can barely process so many shits per second. In one or two days I will get the next part and we will finally end this suffering.

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