슈화의 소원! 꿈⭐은 이루어진다 | 유출금지 EP.4 비하인드 | Secret Folder Behind | (G)I-DLE | 미연 민니 수진 소연 우기 슈화

슈화의 소원! 꿈⭐은 이루어진다 | 유출금지 EP.4 비하인드 | Secret Folder Behind | (G)I-DLE | 미연 민니 수진 소연 우기 슈화

(the land of fantasy, Wonderland) Do you have anything you’d like to do
when you go to an amusement park? Riding (a roller coaster)
and eating some food What do you want to eat? Jajangmyeon (to make her wish come true) (we prepared VR roller coaster) (and jajangmyeon) Guys welcome here!
Here we have the roller coaster! (welcome) (please wear the safety device
before you go) She’s a little violent actually Ah, since I’m a newbie here (violent) (Shuhua’s wish will become reality)
Well, should I eat it here? Yes please, help yourself~ (shaking the chair)(wind) Woah it’s amazing!
Woah it’s amazing! You should eat it~ (gets into a falling section) Argh! (feeling the thrill with her whole body) (the experience makes
viewers’ hands to sweat as well) (it’s thrilling and fun) Amazing! (thumbs up) Amazing! ()
It feels like real, I think there’s nothing below I guess we did well on
shaking it too (next challenger: Jo Miyeon)
The wind is blowing, careful! (eating it well without being scared) (slurp slurp, it’s delicious) (comfort without vibration) Is it delicious? (of course) Yes It’s gonna go down for real! (slurp, screaming) (her mouth is busy for many things) (I would not miss my jajangmyeon) (now, give it to me) We’re arrived~ Okay~ thank you for enjoying it~ Woah (eating Jajangmyeon) is fun And we also have the next spot (yum)
Until now was just one-hundredth! You’ve seen even less than
one-hundredth of it But it’s really fun (delicious),
really fun (delicious) This place was the Wonderland of horror Now is the time for you to go to
the Wonderland of happiness Can we go out with the (jajangmyeon)? Let’s go!!! Let’s go~ Let me have a mouthful before I go (her love for jajangmyeon is ing…) Oh my god! Next one is the Comet Express! I thought the Comet Express would be
so fun to ride with 2 people How could 2 people ride this one~ (could 2 people ride it…!)
You could ride it once you try We’ll hold up the legs Like this, like this,
do it like this each other It hurts! I think
I’ll have a cramp, wait wait! We’ll spin it for you~ It’s gonna spin~ (trying to push it so hard) Start~ No, this one should be spinned together (what is this) Don’t put your legs on the floor~ We’re arrived now~ (the Comet Express was over
10 seconds after departure) How should we get up?
I mean, how should we get up~ (it’s hard to even end
the Comet Express experience) This amusement park is hard for
both the staffs and customers (meanwhile, at the cotton candy store) You should put it all at once Why is it moving so fast? (cotton candy needs to be saved) Somehow, somehow,
uhuh! Is this one okay? (I feel dizzy… @@) (ah~) (yum) (she’s cute indeed…) (this place is
a gun shooting game site) Can I try it once please? (rejecting her) No~ (the owner suddenly intervenes) Why does the owner do it? Ah then, I’ll get one No, not that one!
This one, this one – This one?
– The rabbit (a direct hit)(shrieked) (Min owner is a sharpshooter) Okay~ we’ll go to the next place~ (★puppy sisters★ succeeded) It’s my style The beginning is so good now,
it feels so good Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear
Minyeon sis and Shuhua~ Minnie? (who said Minnie?) (◀◀ going to check it out) (candidate 1. Ulaf) Happy birthday
dear Minyeon sis and Shuhua~ (correct) (candidate 2. Minna) Happy birthday
dear Miyeon and Shuhua (correct) (candidate 3. Elsa (Soojin) didn’t sing) (candidate 4. Chrisoyeonph) Happy birthday
dear Minnie and Shuhua (suspect) Excuse me, we’ve done well until now,
let’s not do this (1theK) (K-POP WONDERLAND)

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  1. 🔈 Go Secret Folder EVENT 👉

    1:37 조미연씨 식사를 멈춰주세요🤣

    3:53 그저 신이 난 크리소연프

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