電視節目 TV1211 昏迷四十日 In Coma for 40 Days (HD/粵語/English Subtitle) (加拿大系列)

電視節目 TV1211 昏迷四十日 In Coma for 40 Days (HD/粵語/English Subtitle) (加拿大系列)

She had been in coma for 40 days At first, the doctor thought
she had a mental illness Every time when I saw her
her condition was declining Every time when he came
he would cry heartily Although she was agonized physically and mentally her family had never thought of giving up My mother always said “Our strength is limited but prayer has power” Man had no solution We could only encourage one another
in the letters Truly, our trust is in God and prayers After recovering from the illness her experience became a blessing and encouragement
to other people Her testimony and her smile give out a lot of positive power Many seniors reflected to me that Rolanse really cares for them and helps them From north to south this street is longest in the world called “Yonge St” in Toronto Canada It divides the City into eastern and western sections With time increases like a senior, Yonge St has been through various stages of development testifying prosperity of the city
over the years But at the same time
it needs to be carefully looking after We have many seniors around us who’d contributed to the city
when they were young Now when they are old and need people’s care very often, they are being neglected
and forgotten Seniors seem to be losing in many aspects such as health money passing away of relatives and friends etc That’s why they feel lost Many things of the past
will not come back again But their need of mental care is increasing Rolanse Tsang is a registered social worker who cares very much
about mental health of seniors Today she and other volunteers are singing
and playing games with the seniors Many seniors reflected to me that Rolanse is very caring and always helps them She shows kindness to them regardless of their races She helped many seniors and their families She is pretty distinctive not only just help solving
the senior’s living accommodation problem but also cares for his/her whole family She would help the whole family work together to take care of the senior she is not stingy in giving out her care Her sincerity helps seniors to face challenges with courage She is concerned of them She cares for them from the heart Rolanse is genuine to the seniors She would take hold of every chance
to help them Presently I work at a senior home One senior shared this view to me He said “During a life time “may be at age of 60, 70 or even 45 “you may get a fall and become numb “and end up in a stroke “thus it will change your whole life” Life is pessimistic, fragile and changing which is not controlled in my hands I am not sure if I see you today
would I see you tomorrow? My perspective is that each first visit will be the first visit or it would be the last visit That’s why I would treasure each visit Apart from the fact that
visitation is her duty Rolanse has a profound view on life
which is because she had once tasted
a threat experience of death Rolanse was born and raised up in Hong Kong After finishing university
she quickly got a job Right after I graduated I got a job to be
a mental health social worker Rolanse is very hardworking Social Work is a tough job because it handles people’s problems which is to load the problems
of other people onto yourself and to bear their burdens The pressure is hugh So, to a newly graduate the job pressure is pretty big And I used to demand highly of myself I warned her to be careful of her health
but she did not listen The work of my job was very tedious But I was still very happy and enjoyed it After working about half a year
my health began to go downhill I would easily get a fever or cold
My health was relatively weak in general In 1984 Rolanse felt unwell one day She thought she had got a cold Stephen my husband by then was my boyfriend took me to the hospital He told me later that I totally became another person on that day I was having malfunctions in urinary
in speech and also muscle cramps Her condition was a total chaos She spoke without sense, moved without control At first, it was scary
did not know what went wrong The first hospital did not know
how to treat me Like a football being kicked around
I was transferred to another hospital Within 5 days, I visited 4 different hospitals She was transferred to different hospitals but the doctors did not know
what to do with her Finally she was diagnosised with a mental disorder In that era of years
if you had a mental disorder it would be embarrassing
to tell people about it That illness was hard to be accepted
in then society That was why Rolanse’s mother
felt so dejected She was binded up with tight clothes that made her unable to move around I couldn’t be able to communicate with her When I talked to her
she would just look at me She was so dejected and disoriented and did not speak a word They diagnosised me with a mental disorder And I needed to take a specific medication After I took the pill
it worsen my situation After taking the medication
she fell into a stage of coma right away We felt so helpless
and didn’t know what went wrong After taking the medication she began to lose the consciousness At first, we took that as
the side effect of the medication But she couldn’t revive from it At first the doctor’s diagnosis
was a mental disorder However the situation was becoming worse Very soon, Rolanse was transferred
to the Hormonal Ward Rolanse’s situation was so severe that Stephen and Rolanse’s family felt helpless They were very worried Their sorrows couldn’t be described by words I found a note card of my mother which wrote “4 times for brain scan
4 times for taking bone marrows “numerous times for x-ray and blood tests” “Every test requires signatory “But each test cannot find out the cause” Every test required my mother’s signatory Her heart was very heavy About a week to the 40 days of my coma The doctor told my mother about this: “We did all tests
but couldn’t find out the cause “We will try the last attempt “hopefully it can find out the reason “which is to try the brain surgery” The technology of that surgery
was 30 years ago The doctor said there would be 50% chance that
the patient may die on the operation table It would be 50% chance that the patient may die If going for the surgery
half of the chance that I may die If not, I may forever lie down on the bed or continue in coma or even become an vegetative It was very difficult to make decision I could imagine they were standing at the cross road of life How should they make the decision? I didn’t know
how my mother went through those days It was very difficult Rolanse was sad
when her family came to see her Only thing they could do was pray
to seek God’s mercy My role was like a guarding angel accompanying Rolanse and her family go through the tough times My father loved me very much But he had no courage to come to see me Every time when he came I heard that he would cry heartifly Close to the surgery day
mom was still praying for decision for she had no peace in the heart Finally she refused the surgery but rather to wait for miracle to happen Rolanse was born to a Christian family Her parents are very religious Her two older siblings, a brother and a sister became a pastor and a preacher respectively They deeply believed
if they depend on God and prayer they could overcome the ordeal I was pastoring in Philippines at the time I was shocked when I received the news Nothing we could do
but only communicate through letters It had no internet in that era No one had any solution We encouraged one another through letters and prayers believing that everything was in God’s hands We trusted firmly with faith in Him Rolanse’s family did not give up They had faith in God
believing He is their aide My sister was pregnant
But during my 100 days in the hospital she kept coming to see me and pray for me Mom always said “Our strength is limited but prayer has power” Rolanse’s mother went to see her every day She is a strong Christian She gave me a lot of encouragement Although we felt helpless we would pray and ask God
to open a way for us Still we did not see the future Every time we saw her
her condition was declining The condition did not turn better Rolanse’s mother did not grumble but continue to trust God without wavering Her faith became great encouragement to the family and friends My mother told me she went for morning walk and exercise each day then came home for breakfast
to pray and read the Bible She did that every day because she said good health and good spirituality are important to maintain with God in a good relationship She told God about her worry and sorrow She asked Him for strength
to visit me in the hospital as well as to heal me Rolanse’s parents are very devout Christians During the course of the sickness they always said
God has grace to them He would save Rolanse They believed if God’s purpose for Rolanse
was yet finished He would make her healed Mom held back the tears
for she knew to be moving on But how? She did not know Yet she believed God would guide her After I was recovered
mom always told me in those long and difficult days three bible verses sustained her The first one is from the Book of Job Surely and firmly, mom believed I am God’s gift to be the fifth child
to my parents If it is God’s will to take my life
I will be gone If for me to stay
He will make me alive Even if the outcome were bad
that Rolanse would die her mother would accept it
for she knew Rolanse belongs to God If Rolanse really died
she trusted God had purpose in it From human’s point of view
it is very hard to take who would like to see
passing away of loved one Even if Rolanse could make it
the recovering process would be tough It would be a test of submission to every one The second bible verse is also helpful
to my mother In the Book of Lamentations
it mentions “Every Morning is new” So, when my mom woke up every morning there was a new day and a new hope for her The third bible verse
is from the Book of Psalms Mom reminded me
God has abundant provision He will lead me through the valley of death so I do not fear These three bible verses still always remain in my heart When Rolanse’s mother refused the surgery and when the doctor did not know what to do miracle happened Very accidentally, the doctor
read an old medical magazine Inside it mentions a medication
which seems to be helpful for Rolanse So the doctor decided to try this medication They gave me two pills
Then I woke up from the coma It was because I had revived the doctor then stopped giving me the pill But I fell into coma again So he gave me the medication again And on August 4th, I woke up from the coma Since then, I became healed She did not remember me when she woke up She lost many basic skills So she needed to learn how to walk
to talk, to eat … As her boyfriend then
I needed to encourage her and help her Now, the most difficult time had passed Stephen was her boyfriend at the time
But he did not forsake her I really admire him for he was guarding her and waiting for her Amazingly, she had a speedy recovery
within a short period Praise God, very soon, she got a job It was a very difficult path and if it was not God who led us
we could not make it That was a very true life testimony God is awesome. He performed miracles Life is in His hands When life came to most difficult moment and when man could not do anything you ought to put your faith in God
He would carry you through Looking back in history, Yonge Street was constructed for military purpose As years pass today, going northward of the Street there are many changes took place in its vicinty Many of them have developed into
modern satellite cities Rolanse, who once walked on the verge of death who once struggled with its grip today, her lifestyle and direction has been refocused She received new inspiration and became
a more positive and passionate person God allowed me to get ill for He wanted to refine my life I was quite a prideful person before Although I would not admit it in the deepest part of my soul
I deemed myself quite marvelous I am a social worker by trade I got job right after I graduated The job was very challenging
and I considered myself capable I could accompish a lot of things by myself That’s why God wanted to take away my pride When everything goes well we would deem ourselves capable We would boost and be proud of ourselves Actually everything is in God’s hands I believe what Rolanse experienced in her illness had humbled her and turned her to God I was joking of this
if God made me gravely ill and got me into coma only for 3 days
and then I came back I think I would still be very prideful That’s why God got me into coma for 40 days He wants me to be a social worker by trade
to model out Jesus’ life that I ought to be humble This sickness gave her a big inspiration Everything in life does not happen by chance It is all God’s grace
that we have breath every day Strength, ability, money and time
are given by God If we use them properly we live a satisfied and purposeful life If they can benefit other people
the result will be much better This illness helped her to find out
her direction Not just to be a social worker by trade but also to care for emotional needs
of people She always says “No one would know
what happen in next moment “No one would know
how long would live “The first encounter would possibly be
the only encounter” So she would do best to help people
for every chance she got Rolanse’s experience not only makes people inspired her testimony also comforts and encourages those who have similar situation like hers After listening to her testimony
I found that it was not easy for her family and friends to go through She went through the ordeal Other people may not have her similar illness
Maybe they have cancer or at the verge of death
or in the pit of life But God can use her experience to help them For people who are struggling with a gravely illness Rolanse has a special passion she would sincerely help them This passion and sincerity become a great support to this group of people After reviving from 40 days of coma She needed to learn how to walk
how to talk, how to eat again Would anything else worse than that? Would anything else more difficult than that? So when we heard her laughter and her testimony naturally, we received a lot of positive energy She needed to give up negative ideas and thinkings and to take courage to walk forward as well as to overcome the problemS
that came from the ‘SELF’ God allows this thing to happen for a purpose So when she got cured
she could testify for God God has His purpose in it Yonge Street has a long history in Toronto The surrounding of the street undergoes changing new towns developed but the significance of the street to the city Toronto has remained unchanged Rolanse had been in coma for 40 days Her family felt so worried about her but they never lessened their dependence on God Finally God revived Rolanse from the coma that she may live out a life of Jesus in her role as a social worker God saved me So I told myself I must do something to thank Him I know the people
who are under her care say that Rolanse is very nice and kind Simply, like that she witnesses God’s greatness in her life When in mingling with seniors or people Rolanse radiates out goodness of God
in their midst She is indeed a caring social worker From my job I learn that life is changing, helpless and pessimistic But if you have Jesus
you have hope and help No one can take full control of his life Even though life is unpredictable there is hope and help in Christ Jesus If you would like to have Jesus
guide you through your way please call our Lifecare Hotline or visit our Website we look forward to sharing with you about Him May God Bless You

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