✅ Зачем нужны бизнес-процессы? Организация бизнес-процессов

Hi YouTube! With you, Mikhail Snitko, and the theme of
this video is the organization of business processes. What determines leadership in business? As a rule, leadership is determined by two
things: the ability to create a temporary monopoly situation on the market and the ability
to organize an activity effectively. What does efficiency mean? Efficiency is the ability to conduct business,
while spending a minimum of resources. But in practice – it’s easier said than done. Why does this happen? Because there is always a conflict between
the need to do business, and the need to control this business. The simplest thing is to do business in a
small company, when all decisions fit into one head, no bureaucracy needs to be introduced. But as the company grows, it becomes more
difficult to move forward. Why is this happening? Because the decisions taken require more control. How is efficiency achieved? Efficiency is achieved in two ways: the first
is debugged and thought out to the smallest detail of business processes, and the second
is people who think, describe and execute these business processes. To date, 90% of management’s attention is
focused on the professionalism of the professionals working in the company, and the development
of systems that help these specialists become more effective. The fact is that success in business is possible
only if the company employs the best specialists. Who are the best? The most talented, the most capable, the most
energetic and focused on making the company more competitive. Of course, we can not all regulate, it is
impossible to make a soulless mechanism from the company where people are cogs, and if
they rotate correctly, the whole mechanism is fonts. In reality, all possible variations that exist
in a competitive environment can not be envisaged. Therefore, people will always be needed who,
on the one hand, are able to work by the rules, and on the other hand they will be able to
make the right decisions in situations of uncertainty. Therefore, all the systems that are created
in the company to select and retain the best people, as a rule, will distinguish the successful
company from unsuccessful. Why is this so? Because efficiency is directly determined
by competitiveness. Any modern company needs a system that will
contain several elements. What are these elements? First, it is extremely important for people
to understand their prospects within the company, and the company must also build career ladders. The person who came to the company should
understand what will happen if he works well. If he achieves all the key performance indicators,
then he has such prospects, in a year he will become something, in two years, then in three
years he will reach such a level, etc. Second – there must be a motivation. What is the motivation? Motivation, which sets concrete, measurable
and achievable goals for people. And it is necessary at all levels. Because if this is not in the company, then
it is impossible to control people, because they do not understand what they have to do
and do not understand what will happen to them if they do not do something. How is the company organized on the basis
of the process approach? In business hangouts, there is such a fashionable
term as business processes. What is a business process? This description of the company. The fact is that the work itself, nothing
changes, but civilized companies tend to describe their activities. The fact is that when they began to describe
this, the languages of description appeared. Therefore, when the description languages
appear, speech begins to go about models. It turns out that before you start working,
you have to create this model of works. Actually, the compilation of this model is
the engineering of business processes. What is expected when they say that the company
is focused on the process approach? It means that the company has models of processes
for organizing its activities, but it does not just have them, but applies them in practice,
where employees know them and work on them. But, whether it is necessary so to bother? If the task is to meet the quality standards,
then it is necessary. What are quality standards? One of the elements is the company’s commitment
to the process approach. Why do Western companies constantly broadcast
this tradition? Because it is believed that a company working
on business processes, knows how to work better. The fact is that the company that works by
models is more reliable, produces a better product, is more efficient and, as a consequence,
more competitive. What does it mean to switch to a process approach? In fact, the work does not change, but the
degree of detail or the level of formalization of activities before it is accomplished increases. Why does the company need business processes? If in the head the owner had an idea to expand
the business, when it is due to the fact that the company will repeat its activities with
different people in different locations, in this case, business processes should be described. In modern management, there is such an idea
that the company becomes successful in the event that it begins to lose control of its
success. What does this mean? At first the company develops without any
business processes and this is correct. Because those who start with business processes
usually create a big problem for themselves. When the business is already set and the task
is to enlarge this business, when the entrepreneur has no time to keep his attention. Because it can not be physically present everywhere,
only when it starts to lose control of its successes, at this moment it is possible to
proceed safely to business processes. But work on business processes is always less
effective than under the personal management of an entrepreneur. Why is this happening? Because the person who created the business
is always more efficient than any models describing his activities, but what can the models do? They allow the business to control. But what is the problem with business processes? The fact is that the methods of organizing
activities for business processes are too crappy. Moreover, many in business processes do not
see a tool for improving work efficiency, but a way of expressing themselves, when one
can play computer games and draw beautiful pictures from morning till night. The problem is that the more they paint, the
more damage the company causes. Why, so it turns out? There is a kind of separation from the specific
application. Because the main task is to make these models
not for clever people, but for practitioners, so that any person understands how these business
processes can be used in their specific applied activities. What is important to understand when the task
is to build a management system? First, what and whom we manage. Secondly, with what tools? And thirdly, for what purposes? Those. The primary task is to define the instruments
and name the goal. The way to achieve the goal – it will be a
strategy, but if there is no strategy in the head, then it is not clear why all this was
started? In other words, what we manage is the business
process; and then, with the help of what we exert influence – this is management. It is also important to understand that there
are direct and reverse links in the control system. What are these links? Direct connections are formed when the leader,
sets tasks and gives instructions to his subordinates, and backward – when he receives some kind
of feedback from his subordinates. But, the business process is only part of
the description of the company’s activities. Because a modern company is such a multidimensional,
integrated description of all aspects of activity: process, project, functional, managerial and
organizational. And when all these components are linked together
– this will be the corporate architecture of the company. But, what is necessary to digitize corporate
architecture? The first is the classification of products
and services. Further, a description of business processes
is made, i.e. what does the company do in order to produce its products and services? Next, a description of the functions is made,
i.e. from which functions business processes consist. After that, a description of the organizational
links is made, i.e. who are the people who will be these business processes and perform
these functions. Further, the processes are projected and tied
to links, and the functions are hooked to the links. On the basis of this, a document is formulated,
the title on the organization of activities. If this is done, then we can proudly say that
the company started working on business processes. In fact, the business process exists where
it is simple, where it is understandable, where they could describe and standardize. Process approach is typical for the company
that has already gained a certain cruising speed and at this speed continues to develop. It is important to understand that the development
itself is not a process, but a creativity, or such lateral, non-standard thinking, and
the processes exist for procedures, for some repetitive typical operations. What steps does the description of business
processes consist of? The first stage is to create a model of the
top-level processes. Further, a classifier of business processes
is prepared. After that, this classifier is translated
into functions. What is a function, or what is the function
of a process? A process is a description of the entry and
exit of a job, and the function is the same job, but only the name of the work is spelled
out. There is a trick if we combine functions with
links, we get an agreed position about the division. If we write down the sequence of execution
of functions, we will get a technological map. And if these technological cards are formalized
as a description of the processes, we will have a quality management system. What is a quality management system? These are business processes, described and
designed according to a certain standard. Further, this quality management system can
be submitted for certification. After that, you can get the certificate ISO-9001. In any company such a person is called an
accountant. What does an accountant do? He keeps records of business transactions. Therefore, when a model of business processes
appears in the company, this means that an organizational accountant should appear in
the company. What will he do? This specialist will keep a record of ways
to organize a business. Which will be conducted for a specific purpose,
totally and permanently. Therefore, the introduction of business processes
into the company, first of all means the introduction of a business engineer into the company. There are also logical models of business
processes. What are these models? They describe the sequence of operations. For example, workflow models, when documents
or threads are attached to business processes, when material assets are attached to business
processes, or models of cash flow, when money is being taken to business processes. If we have implemented a functional model,
we have implemented the organizational structure of the company; if we have implemented a system
of flow of material flows, then we have implemented logistics; if we have implemented a monetary
part, then we have implemented a budgeting system; if we have implemented the logical
part, then we have implemented a quality management system. How is the management system built correctly
in the company? Who, the person who is capable of this? The problem is that, to date, there is no
theory on this aspect. The modern world has come to understand that
in the near future, the theory of management, unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, will
not appear. Therefore, each entrepreneur, for his company,
will have to develop his own unique management theory, focused exclusively on his specific
specifics. An entrepreneur is the person who always has
to close this missing part of the theory with himself. In fact, modern managers are creating this
management theory in the course of their daily practice. In any company, there is always a leader who
carries full responsibility on his shoulders, this is the person who unites and unites and
unites all and all. To date, each company is puzzled by competitive
advantages. What is the problem? The fact is that those factors that used to
create advantages in modern reality do not influence competition. They are necessary, but insufficient. What does this mean? This means that we must look for sufficient. Then the question arises: “What is unique?” People are unique, and the models that these
people create. For example, the management system, today
is a unique advantage. Therefore, which company has a model of organizing
activities, so it wins. But it is important not just to build this
model, but after its construction, to create a system of permanent improvements of this
model. Practice shows that in Russian companies,
productivity can be increased to 100% and this can be achieved by organizing business
processes. At one time, Norton and Kaplan, conducted
a study and said that in today’s economy, competitive advantages are determined by non-financial
indicators. What are the indicators? These are indicators of work with clients,
training of personnel, organizational development and quality of business process execution. What should I do first? First, the task is to create four groups of
indicators: in the areas of finance, customer relations, human potential, and the quality
of business processes. It is also important not to forget that every
indicator that is made to be strategic must also be measured. Secondly, if the company has strategic indicators,
then they should work in the operational management loop. What does this mean? For their implementation, staff must constantly
be stimulated. Therefore, both fixed and variable part of
the premium should vary. As soon as a bonus system is introduced into
the company, the strategy becomes operational in an instant. What does it look like? All employees begin to think about how to
perform functions that are described in business processes efficiently. And the entrepreneur at this time is engaged
in his main activity, which he unfortunately, but can, fortunately, not delegate. What is this activity? He thinks, what other indicators to introduce,
so that the efficiency of his company can be increased. For example, the company has a list of five
strategic indicators, and these indicators should be projected, for example, into ten
business processes, i.e. It is necessary to look, what indicator with
what business process corresponds. What is this for? Thus, the manager ties these indicators not
to himself, but to performers. In this case, all employees begin to work
together on the company’s strategy. Usually only one person works on the company’s
strategy, and in this model the whole team starts to work on the strategy. In this case, the owners of these business
processes become responsible for strategic results. After that, the manager has the opportunity
to determine the rules of the game, and it makes life easier for him. In fact, in nature there are no business processes
– these mind games are fictions of a person, this is just a way of describing the company’s
activities. But to date, those companies that organize
their activities by processes win in business. Because in a competitive environment, other
things being equal, the company will always benefit, the business process model of which
is more effective. On this optimistic note, I propose this video
to be rounded off. Therefore, those who plan to organize business
processes in their company, I want to wish to realize this ambitious goal and get the
maximum return from the forces, time, nerve and money invested in this event. Subscribe to my channel, express your point
of view in the comments, put the likes and see you in the next video. Goodbye!

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