पानी ने बहा दिए जीने की सारी आस: बाढ़ का कहर | KhabarLahariya

पानी ने बहा दिए जीने की सारी आस: बाढ़ का कहर  | KhabarLahariya

We are nation’s one and only rural feminist news channel. Support us by liking, sharing and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Also, ring the bell so you never miss another update. Homeless People… Ruined Crops… People struggling for basic healthcare. Life After the Flood. In the District Chitrakoot, Block Mau, all of the crops were left ruined when the villagers faced the flood once again. Right now, all of the farmland is empty like this. Wheat, millet, everything has been ruined. Crops are the only source of income for farmers here. In Mau, almost 20 villages faced the flood and none of them have received any help from the government as of now. What bigha land got ruined by the flood and which crops had you sowed in the ground? About 4-5 Bigha land got ruined due to the flood and I had sowed Bajra, Dhan and Tilli. Now there’s absolutely nothing left to even eat. – How many farmers are there in Mawai?
– There are many. Approximately? About 150. 3 Bigha land was completely submerged in the flood, part of which was bought by his father. He, himself, was taking care of the land. He had sown Bajra and Arhar in the land and that got ruined in the flood. – Is this the first time for a flood like this?
– No, we got a similar flood in 2013. This is the second time. Back then, the government had given some funds but because his father was alive, we weren’t as affected. It’s harder this time around. All the houses and farms have been ruined that were closest to the river. Now that the crops are ruined, approximately how much loss is there? Bajra, Arhar and Tilli was sowed. What is the approximate annual loss? How will the daily expenses be taken care of? God is the only one who will help us get by now. Kids are working in the city, so they will send some money and hopefully that will help. We can still make something for ourselves, but taking care of the animals is turning out to be a problem now. We get one packet of Bajra seeds for Rs.400 and Arhar seeds are Rs.100/Kg. Tilli seeds are Rs.100-150/Kg. All of the crops were sowed by arrangement. The flood has been so terrible that us poor people are struggling to even eat food. With the crops ruined, how is anyone supposed to eat anything? Literally everything is gone. We had sown Bajra, Arhar, Moong, Urad, Dhan and Tilli. Now everything is gone. We have 5 Bigha land in which we had sown Arhar, Moong, Tilli and Urad and all of it got ruined due to the flood. All of our crops have been ruined and there is no arrangement for food. Now, it’s just that either we earn through labour work or sit hungry at home. Approximately, how many farmers are there in your village? In my village, there are almost 5000 farmers. In our area, 30-35 villages had to face the flood. All that you can see was under water. We had to make temporary bridges and were travelling in boats. This was an absolute calamity. In what ways do the farmers suffer? In Chitrakoot, almost 500 Bigha land is for farming and that is obviously not enough. We hardly get back anything in return. Now in that, if a flood comes and ruins it all, what is a person supposed to do then? We just spend our whole life struggling. Did any government official come? Last time during the flood, a cameraman came and with him, the DM came too. Do you get any compensation from the government? We get Rs.2000 and that is simply not enough. Rs.2000 are all used up in buying and sowing the seeds. What about the person actually doing the hard work? He is not getting anything in the form of compensation. The person who actually owns the land gets something from the government. What about the person renting it and doing the labour work? – Did you get any resources for this year’s flood?
– No. Except for you, nobody even came. Did you file any written complaint somewhere? No, we haven’t. We have been told to write to the accountant and he may help us. What is being done for the farmers whose crops were ruined in the flood? We have been working diligently regarding this matter with the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare who are doing the survey. According to the results of the survey, a proper investigation will be done in the matter. What kind of survey? An investigation according to the official rules will be done. What is the budget for all this? Budget is not a matter of discussion when farmers are involved. There are rules for compensation in such cases and they will be followed. – By when will it be done?
– As soon as possible. Khabar Lahariya
Your News. Your Language. Reporter: Sunita Devi
Script, Producer & Editor: Lakshmi Sharma

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